Sunday, August 10, 2014

Missing my phone

Somebody says it's supernatural. I really want to find it. Looked 5 times, and went away without it.
Another person says "You're going to be poor for another 12 years."
I believe their hate, their idealism, even their golden-pipeline and stable treaties  - they'll do it just to spit on my face.
But I do know one thing: Death isn't evil; he's actually very honorable; a man you can count on to be fair and protect moi from "torture" and "american ideals."
I went to the Pol-station to arrest somebody - but they were locked. I tried to open it, but it was close. I'll do it again later.

I got home and my alarm was going off  -and something SUPER happened... somebody changed my alarm clock again. This is the 2nd weird event that's happened today.
It used to be "electricity noises" and now it's a "beeping noise." Very sad and angry. :(

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