Thursday, August 14, 2014

My current mental status

My mind has been broken.
My left eye has been destroyed.
My left arm has been enslaved [and my left hand has been taken for death]

I have never made contact with a holy man, who can assist me and deliver me to truth.
The christians are a DEMON and they are extremely manipulative.
The truth inside my head is being twisted and raped and manipulated.

I am being incriminated for the things I have done, fictionally, and exaggeratedly.

The christians are attacking me in my home, and are blaming me for not protecting myself; not checking the bushes for demons.
The voices in my head are extremely spiteful and viscious and angry.
I do not have the freedom in my head to respond; in my mind, I don't have a form, or a shape, or a building, or anything important.

Somebody said to me today: your life is worth $3000, make that $500.
I tried to kill him, but it didn't work.

Everything is being twisted around, over and over.

I feel as if I'm very, very small; I feel as if immortality, and light, and hell are not available to me, but instead a lifetime of sadness and broken-ness.
I feel as if the people in my head are "idiots," and they don't understand how much will I have, and they judge me invalidly.
I feel as if the forces of the world are "idiocy" and "mind control," and my mind will never, ever be free. Gravity itself exists to destroy my mind, and prevent it from thinking dangerously, or committing murder of important people, like priests.
It is actually the point of my life to create a perfect mind, and a robot computer that I can synchronize my mind with. That is absolutely essential to me.

The christians in my mind are lying completely about 10 major issues:
-anything involving money
-anything involving sex
-anything involving quantifying life

They are extremely viscious, and christian, and I do not have the power, mind, or intelligence to defeat them.

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