Monday, August 25, 2014

My day [Aug 25th, 2014]

I had a lot of shouting today. I felt like it was "especially loud" and "it's impossible for my landlord to not have heard it."
I also did some shouting at the store; then my voice cut out, and I couldn't shout anymore at all. It was very pathetic and a lot human; kind of like "a human challenging a god, and then his body failing at a key moment."

While at the grocery store today: I saw a little boy wearing a TMNT mask, and he was making gestures to me. I returned the favor, and showed him some "moves."

I also saw a colored woman who had a t-shirt on: it read "#WakeUpCall"
So I remembered it, and when I got home, I went to twitter and typed it in.
The search results from bing didn't list it; so I was confused. It listed "everything but" that one.
Even #WakeUpCall_

I think I discovered another point where "bing won't show the full internet" or "where internet censorship begins."

Nothing else to do today; I feel like my life is completely dead, and there's nothing left.

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