Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My latest letter for help

I think the truth is that "I'm dead. Somebody inside my mind or my soul killed me."
"You just fight dead people now, who torture you very strongly and have no morals, direction, or good intentions."
I don't have any money, and I've no hope that I'll ever get any money.

My experience is very, very painful. I feel as if:
-I can't feel my head anymore [my brain]
-I feel like my left thumb has been cut off
-I feel like my left leg is another person, and he hates me
-I am being strongly persecuted by Christians and American patriots
-I feel like there is a god inside of me, and he will never ever tell me the truth; and he's always arguing with me.
-I feel as if I am very, very hated by Americans and christians, and that I'm going to be tortured or sent to hell or sent to prison, because of my anti-plebian opinions and my desire to succeed in the world and "go international."

The truth is:
"Somebody who hates me 100% did something very, very cruel, and inhumane to me. They are watching me die, for years at a time, and become the opposite of what I wanted to do."
-They put me inside a video game
-They are trying to make me a woman
-They are trying to "lie to" my "silver blood"
-They are trying to torture me in creative new ideas
-They are trying to destroy my face, my body, and my head.

The hospital, and the mental hospital - they say that "you're exactly the same thing as every one else."
and "you don't have a soul - you're just an ordinary person."
"Everything you're doing in your head can be described as a mental illness."
When I'm outside, or near human authorities - I cannot in any way describe my problems, or inform them of all the brilliant ideas I came up with when I was at university, or after I left.

I have fought my entire life to do the opposite - prove that I'm important and to find my special abilities.
I'm especially curious about soul-organizations or people who have "smart ideas from rich people, and royalty."
I strongly believe that souls are good, and humans are bad. Also: the nation is lying completely about the truth of souls, and how to live.

I feel as if I'm going to die very soon. I know that I'm being tortured every single day, and that my purpose in life, and my truth, are being destroyed by people who have never cared about me.
Most recently: they have told me that I need to join the army, and experience what it's like "serving America."

I feel very strongly like "I can't control my head."
"somebody controls my head and they won't let me think, find truth, or protect myself."
"I'm being tortured, but I can go months without talking about it, or remembering."
"I am being tormented by a homosexual who lives in my [rented] house, and touches my mind all the time."

I desperately need assistance immediately - so I can escape poverty; so I can find truth; so I can live.
I'm very anti-christian at the moment - because I feel as if they've touched my head and disturbed me. I need help from something agnostic.

Please help ASAP!!!

Min** *
Seattle, WA, USA

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