Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My latest truth - and a new call for help.

Your soul is completely dead and you are being tortured over and over and over again by dead people.
People know about you, but they don't care - because you're not a christian.

You believed that your soul was the key to "rising up" and to "find the temple and the holy" and to "find soul food" and "soul structures to protect you."

I strongly believe, in the silver of my soul - that Christians and Americans are absolutely treacherous.
The people who have tormented me are christians and are empowered by America - and they are completely in every way dead.
I also believe that America is 100% evil, and that I will never find justice.
This will never, ever change.
It is the purpose of the people who have my head to destroy my truth - to lie to my silver - to destroy my memory with sorcery. I will persist, even if I become a destroyer, or a black devil. I will persist and never let them win.

The Christians say - with wretchedness and spite and hatred in their voice - "You died and now you're fighting your son. Now you're fighting your leg."

They say "my left leg" is 100% my enemy. They also say "your left thumb" is completely dead. You destroyed it.
I feel the christians are an abomination - they are 100% filthy and absolutely wretched, and they are enjoying completely, watching me destroy myself. The christians are absolutely treacherous. That is the silver truth.

I have seen the future: I have seen myself living to 50 years old while never making contact with help; I can see myself becoming an old man, having grey hair, and being homeless. This is the christian image - it is the cross, it is the will of the christian church.
They are absolutely treacherous and infinitely wretched. Until the end of time, I will never believe a christian ever again.

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