Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My life is a lie

I am a very disturbed, disadvantaged person.
My heart is completely vulnerable.
I feel as if life exists to destroy me, my heart, and my mind.

I remember when I was 18-19, and I was a pizza delivery man. I bought a used Ipod nano for $50; and the sale price of the item was maybe $75. It was the one with maybe 512mb or maybe 2gb of space on it.

The truth was: I thought it was a very bad idea: but I did it anyway.

I believe in things like:
Mind power

And my life exists to prove that: I don't have any of these at all.

I feel as if:
-My body is actually completely controlled by a human [a peasant]
-I'm enslaved to the peasant body [my soul is trapped inside of it, or in a robot somewhere else]

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