Monday, August 18, 2014

My only friend is Death

Christians are 100,000 times treacherous.
The Earth makes humans like fruit - and watches them grow in infinite lying and engineering.
America hates me completely, and has shown me everything that lies in store for me: marine corps, prisons, community service, courts, Guantanamo bay, city councils and government, religious conventions of humility and subversion. Everything scary that an American has ever done, I feel exists in my future.

My only friend, my honor, is Death.
I wish to die until the end of the world, and be free from the infinite, infinite+ lies and slavery.

God is an oathbreaker. Everyone knows this. They know it somewhere inside of their head, where truth congregates.

The truth is that God is 100times an oathbreaker, and I am one of the poorest, most blackmailed, peasant people in America.

I feel 100 times certain that God is a sorcery, and the power of lying has been mastered 100 times, and my only purpose is death, 100 times certain that my only friend is Death eternal.

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