Friday, August 8, 2014

My post1

Angie says I've got 4 weeks before I die [the ring style].
10 times I bet I'm going to die - after all, I don't have a single friend, an attorney, or any good health.
My mind is a giant soup of 10M lies and I live 2m to a *****.
The angie didn't explain anything important; I didn't ask any good questions [no clear cover] and I once again reminded the angie:
"We live in the richest nation in the world and I don't have any attorney or legal protection."
"The last time I trusted an angie, I got stuck in a M. Hosp. and "tortured" with needles, overbearing authority, lies to authority, and power abuse. I will never go back [I swear.]"
"Your honor is very low - and I cannot trust you."

But there is something important.
My homo roomie has drugs in his room - I'm very frightened about him.
My statement:
I do not have any power or willpower to stand up to him - the last time I tried [he wanted to charge me money for not cleaning the bathroom] my blood froze and I looked like the dumbest man in the world [cowardice, loser]
I don't have any security or freewill.
"Pot death" "weird coke" "unknown"

I wish he would just *die* 5 times a week, but it's ok living.
"A dog needs to bark" and I do so every week, but every time he hears me speaking loud, he comes to my room immediately and pressures, shouts, intimidates, and lies to me.
It's like a bomb in my brain that wants to go off.

But the truth is: he's living life better than moi, and I'm kind of ugly and over****t.

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