Sunday, August 17, 2014

My research on symbols backfired

Weird Symbol on my book: [It's freaky. What does this have to do with this book?]
The book: "The Secret Language of Symbols [off pirate***] By David Fontana"
It's the symbol on the left, and the right, which bother me. I feel as if they're "death symbols" and are misrepresented by the book. I spent about 1 hour in GIMP trying to make them stand out, and fix the saturation - but I fail.
I've been doing a lot of symbol research;
-It's relevant to my search
-But secondly, I'm trying make "a watermark" and to create my own symbol;
my first thought was something similar to the "Napster icon" but I couldn't do it;
So I'm copying other symbols in an attempt to find something right.

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