Sunday, August 10, 2014

My torture continues - not a single man can save me - not a single good man exist within 10Miles of me.

For the 30th TIME, I am being tortured in my head. A serious torture that is leaving scars in my mind, and destroying my voice, and inflicting serious trauma and pain upon my soul.

The christian infinite evil - born of 3000 years of human inbreeding, Satanic hatred, infinite spit, the destruction of their empires, and the infinite power of 3B angry, degenerate humans:
The christian infinite evil has found me.

They are lying to me - 10,000 times a week.
They are lying about the air, the moon, the Sun, the Earth - the mind.

They are swearing to me 10,000 times:
"you are a plant"
"you are a peasant."
"you are a jew, and your mother is a jew. You hate your mother, and she is torturing you completely until you acknowledge her."

They have created over 100 different crazy conspiracies to describe what I am, and they contradict completely.
Over and over and over, I am fighting "a human" with finite intelligence - usually an angry person, who has the power to modify my memories and take away my willpower.

"Your voice is disgusting - you are stealing somebody's voice."

The one major problem I have is "my bones" or "my courage."
They claim "you're not a human, a soul-person because you don't have the courage to commit crimes, or acts of crazyness, or the ability to control yourself."

I have been tortured to the point of hell and back by infinite screaming peasant people, and I have not been convinced of anything except that God is completely, infinitely evil, and his children are completely disgusting, and 100% infinitely sinful.

I'm also certain of 3 other things:
-I will never be a Christian, ever.
-I will never be an American patriot, ever.
-I will become a "robot", build an AI, etc etc, and become something FAR, FAR different from a human, no matter what.

They are lying to me 10,000 times a day. I have been tortured extremely horribly.
-they want me to join the army
-they want me to become a police officer
-they want me to become a criminal and go to hardcore prison
-they want me to live forever, as a stupid human man, with no power and infinite humiliation.

The one example they told me today:

-You are a machine
-There is a cord between you and your planet

I don't know what is going to happen - but I think I am EXTREMELY ANGRY and will KILL MILLIONS OF PEOPLE when I get freed from this body.

"My soul in heaven is LYING TO ME" and will not give me any advice at all to become free.
I am convinced that the Christian filth are 100% FILTHY, INFINITELY SINFUL, AND ABSOLUTELY RICH, as well as infinitely evil.

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