Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My truth that will never be defeated or altered

I was tortured today.

There are a few things that I will never ever forget:

I am truth, and I was born enslaved.
America is 100% infinite evil - and infinite propagater of destruction, slander, torture, lying, and sadness.
God is an oathbreaker.
Thousands of intelligent men have done serious research and determined that 100% death/self-destruction is the key to escaping torture, aging, humiliation, and lying.
I strongly agree: I will escape torture, lying, sin, and poverty by dying 100% in every single way - correctly.

I will never, ever forget that America is a peasant nation - a 500 year old extremist protestant religion that is near fruition, and that I am the most hated person in America - and I am truth.
I will never forget that America has MAJOR royalty - and extreme inequality - and serious blackmail - and serious, real torture. And they will defile, rape, sodomize, and lie to me completely, until the end of the world.

Unless I die 100%, forever, eternally - which is my truth, my mission, my love, and my virtue.
That is the only way I will be free of their infinite lies, and slavery, and humiliation.

Holy truth I swear. Godsmack. 
On the virtue of time and truth, I swear.

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