Thursday, August 14, 2014

New idea: comma

MAJOR MYSTERIES - which imply higher intelligence - and prove that I'm not "really playing the game," just living a small life:
-Why I "hold my finger" in a difficult sit, like at the doctor's office
-Why over and over I dreamed of having "green eyes" as a kid, and sometimes actually believed that they were tinted green [norm. hazel; brown]
-Why I put my finger on my nose to indicate slight, and what this means about my true allegiance.
-Why I adore K. Upton.
-The "true religion" that I was born with: 
-Evil people are usually under compulsions, and are crazy or possessed by power, and cannot be truly moral[evil]
-The devil is somebody who is EXTREMELY DEAD and has been tortured hundreds of times, and come out alive but dif.
-The name of God is "mystery" - he defies our minds by erasing his presence and living in a different world full of *****
 -Buddhism and meditation are very human ideas, and are completely good

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