Saturday, August 30, 2014

[Peasant] Landlord harassed me today; I won [with the strength of my back] but it still irked me.

Reasons Rick [landlord] wants me to pay him more money

-Rick:"Derrick is moving out because you make problems."
Steven:"You're misleading me; Derrick is moving out for 4 reasons; I'm 1 of them. Derrick is also very weird person; if I speak for 10 seconds at 30db at 10:20pm, Derrick will be at my door knocking and telling me to stop; he's completely shameless."
Rick:"Pay me $40 more a month for your room, or move to the smaller room that Derrick was living in and pay the same [previous] rate."
Steven:"No: for 5 different reasons. If you harass me any more I'm going to call my uncle to defend me."

-You're making noises [don't make any noises at all]
-You made a problem for me
-Derrick cleans; you don't clean at all; derrick is a good boy
-[Major Lie][Check rent agreement][I felt as if Rick was just stupid and lying 100%] The Disk network is included in the utilities - I won't take any money off for not using it, or returning the disk equipment.
[Normally $5 or $10 a month; I pay even though I don't watch Dish]
-When Derrick moves out, "I'm going to be losing money because of you. It's a big problem for me"
-Rooms in Kent regularly go for $550 or more [I think 330-400]
-Homos, and weird people are 5x better than crazy people; I don't like your face.
-I'm not mad [5 times more aggressive and 5x more violent than other times] I'm not mad at all. [He almost hit me.]
-"You defended yourself well - so I'm not going to charge you any more money - but any more problems for me and you're out."
-"You're willing to make me move out over $40 - you don't respect me or care for me at all, do you."

-I think I should tell Dan that Rick is taking advantage of me, and I didn't have enough power to defend myself against his lies.

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