Saturday, August 30, 2014

Post regarding recent nightmare [good]

Shinigami dude [goat mask] how many people know he's a goat - like Baphomet - our sacred symbol of true life and divinity.
Censored Bing search
Bing has completely censored the search; maybe he's important?!
DuckDuckGo only shows me 2 of them:
And that hentai I read, which my friend commented on.
What is the identity of the demonic-possessed Japanese wealth-girl?
Tokyotosho Search for [Miko Wars]
Torrent file to Miko Wars [90MB]
She's been commented on - that I don't know what "Jap. demons are," and that without a demon, she'd be "dead." p. 147 of "Miko Wars Dogwalker" [HENTAI] by Takaoka Motofumi.
She's important to me - though not nearly the first Japanese woman I've seen.
My first memory [compl. unrelated] of a Japanese woman was in elem. school: we had a Japanese guest teacher for study and I had a strong euphoric and happy, lifeful feeling. I never forgot that I liked the Japanese. Another Japanese girl I'm infatuated with is the black/yellow princess Alicu [from dreamland], who I've never forgotten.

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