Thursday, August 7, 2014

Power experience [time and tort]

I just had an extremely powerful experience [it's still going on].
Where "my mind" or "God" completely took over my mind and showed me serious, infinite intelligence.
I was proven that life is super fantastic over 200 times - and it hurt.
I was very tired, and took some sleeping pills - and maybe this is what set it off.
One of the major complaints I have with life is that - it doesn't work. My soul doesn't protect me from tragedy [or dead], and my intelligence is not high. Whoa

DNA was extremely important in my vision: a molecule that replicates itself hundreds or millions of times and fails.
It may be that "God" was trying to prove over and over again that my memory is safe - so I'll go to Nirvana instead of "hec
There was also something in the vision about me being "jew" and needing to make an offspring more than anything: kind of like a [fly] that is completely obsessed with creating maggots.

Apparently - all of this will end as soon as you go back to "your woman" and tell her what to do.
"I think this means Grandma [Myrna], because she hates me.
Apparently - I need to find "the package" or "a drop off point", where I might find my package, all of the money I had lost in the park, returned many fold.

My dream is proving to be extremely ironic - which means it's dead, and I'm reliving my childhood in dream f.
During this experience, I died 10 more times, and I didn't win: but God lost.
It was all about my "mom," the person who really bothers.
It might have something to do with "a plane crash, where you're the only survivor" but I still don't believe it will ever happen.

But I do know know, that "I am" a god, and money don't work, and that I'm a time person.
I think I'm lead.

"BG: All I care about is if you found the X before you die."

There was also a strong image of time travel [real] which means I'm doing sumthing really big.

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