Saturday, August 16, 2014

Royal Revenge and my dre**

I've been playing Royal Revolt 2 all day. It's available from the Windows 8 app store.

I've noticed a lot of bugs in it.
-Some people with the same score as me have 4 times more customization [longer roads and more defenses] and I can't understand why.
-The mathematics of the tower defense don't appear to be stable; because nobody can figure out what a perfect path looks like [this might also imply sorcery]
-I'm very amused by my defense design, and have studied and observed the many designs of other people. If I had seen a perfect design, I would have stolen it. I think it's weird that I can't completely my profile.
-My preference for armor is changing: purple, green, blue. My celibacy is all about green/blue and those words mean a lot to me; peasant people are always *******.
-The money! I'm normally offended by "pay to play" and the many different "schemes" to make money, but I did purchase some rubies today [8$ worth].
-There's no history of who I've smoked! That irks.

-I think this game is very common, and it's a mid-tier windows game. My research into Earth has shown that "smart" and "rich" people have perfect, high-qual games that perform miracles. This clearly isn't one of them. It irks me.

I'm Traudna. Don't hit me.

Again about blue and green - "My mind and mood change," and it's significant. Today has been a good day;
I had a dream that "soul people" from [the Lord ****** R****] were controlling me and my destiny. I didn't believe it completely [after all, it's been 6 years], but it made me proud.

Update: [on R.R. II]
The game is making me so angry!
It was clearly designed to be hard for my life to make it.
I feel as if MS and the app store are cheating me - why would anyone pay $90 for rubies?
I'm going through rubies very slowly, but they're still disappearing correctly.

I feel as if - it is impos. for me to be competitive at this game; even if I were to measure out the angles, and make a perfect strat, I still think I can't finish this game. The mind game is boggling me. I hate it.

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