Thursday, August 14, 2014

Royal Revolt 2 and more video games

In addition, I recently downloaded "Royal Revolt 2" on MS Win 8 gaming.
But it's not at all what I wanted;
I was hoping it'd be like an mmo, but it's just a "reverse tower defense game" and I'm disappointed.

I have concluded thousands of times that the video games available just aren't good;
I'm convinced that rich people [royal] have games which are 100% perfect:
-Perfect representations of history.
-Realistic characters
-Fine art
-Games which improve your mind and your abilities
-Major attention to detail, to idol our beliefs and our place in this beautiful world.

And the fact that I can't find the video games anywhere, means that it's invisible or carefully hid.

Another idea I think is important are
-broken game consoles, with more function; perfect saves; pause anytime; and cheats available.

I'm very, very sad that I cannot enter that world; it makes me want to vomit and cry.
One of the things that's extremely important is "Working."
The one thing most people do not expect of me is to work;
They say: "You killed yourself from overwork and exhaustion" and we don't expect it of you.
Not even the dementors who touch me talk about my lack of work.

Another idea is that:
The royal have all sorts of major ideas that support them, and I seem to be missing the point or doing someth dirty. For example:
-The human body/mind is completely controlled; your life isn't about your situation, but about the "verbs" and how many times you're awake and have power to control.
-The point of "life" is "to join people who wrong you, so they can remember you forever."

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