Sunday, August 17, 2014

R.R. 2 problem still unresolved - Also, another supern* event

I contacted tech support about RR2 and gave them my problem.
I also restarted, and did a "PC Tune up" and played with my settings, and then tried it again with the same.

I remember yesterday, something important happened.
"I made a prediction that something would happen; it did happen, 2 minutes later, and then my desk "shook, rumbled" and I was amazed." 
"It was like "a gami was inside my room" and he was rumbling to express consent or amuse."

I feel that this has happened 4 times at least.
I'm still very confused about my human reality; I feel like "the angel" won't respect me. I feel like "I might die" and I wouldn't be losing much.
I feel as if "I have a power, and an image, but it's static and I'm being fed jibberish and garbage." I cannot believe that what I am doing in my life is leading to something good. In fact, I feel like my situation is very strange, and the introduction of an intolerant homo [in addition to my intolerant landlord] is very painful, unpredictable, and counter to my life.

One thing I'm very amused by is the "new vocabulary I'm learning." I feel very confident that "I know Japanese" somewhere, possibly entirely inside of my brain. But I feel as if I'm learning new "American" words from Italy or perhaps Africa. I'm certain that this is a literal sign of hope for Jaime.

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