Sunday, August 10, 2014

Some ideas: and a spider

There's a GIANT FUCKING SPIDER IN MY ROOM. It's at least 1.5 inches wide.

As soon as I saw it, I freaked out and my blood froze.
It was then that I knew
-I am now 12 times certain that I need to DIE - that my body is a pathetic little pussy and my mind is broken.

I didn't catch it yet - it's hiding under my clothes in the corner.

As far as spiders go:
I'm very certain about 1 thing:
-Fear isn't real. When you see spiders, what is actually happening is PAIN.
You're getting "poked" and "tortured" by a machine, in the image of a SPIDER.

I'm convinced that "spiders" and "arachnids" are actually extremely important, and that our fear of them is mandatory.
But I do wish that I could go through my mind and remove the pain and the irrational fear. I strongly believe that torture is real, and the world can be very, very, very horrible.

Think about any stories of animal kingdoms, where a newborn is tortured and beaten for 20 years until he is then brought to the kingdom and allowed to live and grow.
"God tortures you for 60 years and then you get to live - in light."

Humans are completely controlled by X
and the human species completely generates a new GOD every X [30 years]
and it leaves the planet, like a projectile - and goes to populate SPACE [another Earth].

If you told these ideas to an ASTRONAUT, or somebody who is afraid of BIG IDEAS and TORTURE [they're almost anti-angels]

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