Sunday, August 3, 2014

Something Super hap

I was writing on myself with permanent markers, but I didn't draw this one in the image.

I just saw it later, when I took my shirt off.
The weird thing is: it appears to be upside down or backwards.
As to what it says - it should say "Death 10" which means som

I'll say again - I didn't write it. So who did? It reminds me of "Death Note" [the Japanese manga/anime].
I wonder if this means my stress will go away soon?

The weird thing is: It's right over my heart/soul spot.
As for people who say it's nothing important: At least 4 letters are discern. A, "10" T, 3 [or backwards E].
For the photo: I'm embarrassed to show a picture of my hairy chest - and I'm very scared to admit I'm overweight [190lbs].

When I look at it with my eyes - it feels like my left eye is "dying" or "in a coma" and it hurts. I feel as if it's a soul, or something that is very frighten, and beneath my.
It's also important - in my xp - that soul reads light [backwards] and that's very imp1
As far as the red on the upper right - I think that's just nothing important - it doesn't spell anything.

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