Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Something supern* [Aug 25th, 2014]

I was at a local p*** looking at the stars.
Obv. it's not allowed to be in parks after dark [I'm aware] but I don't really care; I do watch for police and homeless, though. And I run away.
I was there tonight [around 11pm] and I was watching the stars, and trying to freshen my head. I brought my pillow and blanket with me, and was lying on the ground looking face.
Two weird things happened:
1) An animal was lurking nearby, about 50 feet away. I was on the far side of the park, in the bushes area [hiding] and there was a nearby field, separated by a fence.
The monster [animal] was in the nearby field of tall grass, separated by a fence. It made a lot of noise, and I kept my pepper-spray ready, to defend myself. Then it stopped making noise and I relaxed. I also threw it some candy licorice that I was eating, but it didn't react. I was 70% certain that the animal was evil and ill-natured.
2) Somebody shined a flash-light on me, twice. It was instant, it was perfectly-aimed, and there was no source. I located it by instinct, to be about 50 feet to my left, in the park; but there was nobody to have done so, and I could see everything. It was a supern* event.
I THINK - in my head, it was like "a computer-aimed flashlight, like a sniper-scope but without any bullets or harm"
I was disturbed by a couple things: 1) It was perfectly aimed, and it didn't touch the ground once, it only touched my torso. 2) It was silent, and there was no noise or origin. I'm convinced it was supern*.
I thought maybe it was a warning, that police were coming; OR: it was somebody from the stars or the heaven making contact with me, and trying to wake me up. The second must have been true.

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