Thursday, August 28, 2014

Spiders and s*** spiritual government

Spiders are completely dead.
I tried to make a spider pet once, so I could "read it's behavior and make peace with it."
-Spiders try to "torture" and "kill the soul" of the people it sees.
-Dead things want to kill me because: life isn't good - it's actually abnormal and unoriginal.
I realized again today that "my experience" in my head was actually kind of a joke - there are all sorts of things I want to do - like ask intelligent questions, that I never get around to doing.
It's actually a torture of my brain. I think a lot of people really hate me.

I am reminded of all the phone calls I made about 2 months ago - and how nobody ever called me back or emailed, or visited. But I think "they forwarded it" to the "spiritual authority" and they are responding my torturing me.
The torture is real, and it's very pathetic how many times I fail. I very strongly feel as if they are trying to turn me into a homosexual, by braking my spine and fracturing my ego, and making me weak inside. I hate them completely.

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