Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Talking to myself at 10pm

30db maybe - at the end of my room, the opposite end of the room from my shared wall with homo-roomie.

He knocked on my door in his queer voice "what time is it?"
And I said a few things and tried to forget about it.

And then...... treachery.
I feel as if the homo is practicing voodoo in his room. My soul is ebbing; I feel like my courage is fading, and he is blackmailing me, and despair is coming into my room. Everything from "the topics of what I talk about" to "how stupid my landlord is" to "how stupid the police are" are going through my mind.

I feel as if "The god" who controls my soul, and has demons and spirits to interact with people is completely 100% against me - and he is treacherous, as all christians are treacherous.

I feel as if the God of the world is completely treacherous; in every single way, the christian god is against me, and is practicing his hatred against me in every single way.
He is the most disgusting life I have ever experienced.

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