Tuesday, August 12, 2014

They're trying to FRAME ME

This relationship with my homo roomie is very very, unordinary.
I'm going to die if this keeps happening. I don't have any power to defend myself.
[I was shouting at the people in my head, and he heard, and immediately came to my door to ridicule and shut me down. It's the 5th time it's happened, and he is completely overpowering. I feel as if he's going to call the police on me, or the landlord. I don't have enough power in my body or mind to defend myself. My blood is failing me.]
After he knocked on my door for 6 minutes, and called somebody on the phone about me, I felt the presence of a person inside of me: an American military woman [who possesses major secrets and drugs and REAL TORTURE]

-A demon is inside of me.
-She says she is an American para-military organization, and they have my soul in a cube in their building.
-They are torturing me over and over and over again - they're using voices against me.
-It's extremely painful - they want me to be tortured and sodomized and enslaved.
-They are lying 100%.

I felt as if "The Christian God" was aware of my torture and my sin, and she was laughing at me completely.
-The christians are in alliance with Satan.
-The USA is involved with them as well - they will not defend me.
-They can read my thoughts; I have to censor my thoughts to protect myself.

-I am not intelligent enough to survive their torture. Not even 1/3 smart enough.

[Just a off-the-wall suspicion: I think maybe these are the "fallen angels" that are in alliance with the demons, just like as it's explain in "Highschool DxD"] But maybe not.

Over the past few years, I have struggled over and over and over again with a serious issue:
-Is God real.
More importantly:
-Am I one of the top 1 Million people in the world?
-Do I have a soul, and a destiny? Do people love me?

One of the things I am almost entirely certain about is this:
-I can live for 20-30 years without any contact with anyone.
-People like my soul-mate, people who love me, and people who share blood with me - we are completely unconnected.
-I am completely alone in this world.

I like the devil.
People torture me: peasants, law enforcement, banks:
-I feel confident that the Devil is STRONG, and has TRUTH AND POWER inside of him.
He can defend me against the forces of the world that want me to lie.
-He can defend me against the jails and the army, who have perfect conditioning, and have the ability to corrupt and enslave my mind.
-I feel like sometimes I'm under attack by forces of the mind, and it's extremely unreasonable and hateful: and the devil will protect me from enslavement and humiliation.

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