Friday, August 15, 2014

Torture increased

I'm doomed.
The attacks upon my mind have intensified.
-I feel very often like "my decision making center" has been corrupted, and I cannot think about many different concepts, topics
-My "conversation center" has been destroyed; there are many different words I cannot use
-I am "hiding something very important," such as "blackmails I have done" or "important secrets I hold."
-I am attempting to defend myself and "make a FORM" but my concept of life and form are under attack
-I have both very negative [1] and positive [2] concepts of the devil, and I am getting caught between them.
-My concepts of light, genes, souls, and time are getting mixed up and destroyed.

-One thing I am very certain of: my intelligence, sanity, and WORTH has gone down TREMENDOUSLY. I feel as if "MASSIVE HATRED" is attacking me; most of it by "Americans" and "military people."
-I feel as if "My concept of life has gone down" and I am losing focus of what light is, and who is good.
-There is somebody who is part of my life, my soul: a "rich person" or "cream" who is EXTREMELY DECEPTIVE and he wants to kill me as well.
-I feel the voice of a "genie," especially the person of "Barbara Eden" and she is extremely angry, hateful, and lying. She is viscious and spiteful, and very American.

Important concepts which are being forced upon me:
-You cannot hate or insult America
-You cannot hate or disagree with christianity
-You are wicked, and extremely poor - we will increase your poverty.

There are some things which are completely inexcusable.
-Increasing my poverty: comparing me to other men who are in poverty, and have lived very negative lives.
-Destroying my memories of all the smart things I've done, and my college history and the research done upon me.
-Lying to me about the people who are inside of me.

I am convinced that my life and my mind has been destroyed, and left for dead.
The christians are disgusting and treacherous; they have lied about nearly EVERYTHING and have never once given any indication that they will "help me up"
There is a "nun-chuck" inside of my head - a very serious torture and a MAJOR INSULT
-I do not know who it is that is destroying my mind, and violating me: but I know that it is extremely hateful, and MY MIND HAS BEEN BROKEN. All of the christians, and all of the police, and all of the royalty, and all of the government have failed me completely, and I am certainly the least of all of us today.

"They say" they are using "SOAP" on me

"You have never once done anything important in your entire life"
I am absolutely, resolutely, opposed to this idea. Anyone who says this to me, I will destroy them, crucify them, and plague them until the end of the world. I promise.

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