Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wrongplanet and something

A certain person convinced me that "a soul person, who believes he is better than other people"
is actually under a very serious mental illness called "autism" or "asperger's syndrome."
I believed it for a little while, but then I came to my senses: What I believe is literally TRUE, and the world is extremely confusing and complicated; the truth cannot be revealed.
But still: "Wrongplanet" means something important to me. It's like "I don't at all care about the progress of human civilization: all I care about is Angel."
I went to the WrongPlanet chat to ask for help - or to be referred to a deeper part of the internet; but it failed.
I'm convinced that the chatters in that forum are "AIs" or "scripted chatbots" or maybe something lighter.
It's very dangerous, trying to understand the world.
I'm certain that "the topnet" doesn't have any information at all for me: the topic I'm interested in is probably on the darknet, or maybe restricted by the Congress to elitist people and born11114men.
I think I discovered a new truth:
Ever since about 15y old, I wanted to be an Angel.
And then it happened: I actually came in contact with an Angel.
The angel I met is most easily compared to "Loki from Dogma" [1999 cult classic film].
An idiot; a hardcore person; a brutal murderer. Somebody who thinks we're "apes or monkeys" and that our lives are completely horrid and disgusting.

My life, in this context, makes a lot more sense.
As for my roomie: my mind has restored itself a little, but I'm still in a very dangerous, volatile situation.
I don't have "a soul" and I don't have "any ability to help myself."
The homo is seriously overpowering and completely demon-like. I can just see him trying to murder me.
Whenever I'm around him - I can't speak intelligently, or to defend myself well. Talking to him makes my blood go cold, and sluggish, and tired.
I had to restart for Windows 8.1 update. It took a HUGE time for it to get started. It stopped at "82%" for a long, long time: so I'm convinced the number means something.

When it turned on, all my my icons were huge and the resolution went way down. In both my Nvidia driver and my Windows screen resolution, it says I'm at 1080p - but obviously I'm not. I can't figure out how to fix this. It just means that there is some serious pain in my life, and somebody is meddling with my mind and my cpu.
It reminds me of myself when I was 13-15 years old, playing with trojans and basic hacking. I feel as if somebody is trying to torture me for all the negative things I've done in my life; things that American congressman disrespect and torture.
Update: I fixed it. It wasn't under Screen Resolution, it was under Display.

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