Tuesday, September 30, 2014


is an important person, also known as a "modern day J.C." [Curulo]
The name was changed so only 'people in the know' would see it.
I don't really get it; maybe it's the opposite?!?!?! [The DEV did it?]
After all; the last song I heard by J.D. was the one about a whole bunch of black ladies with fat booty. It's a joke? There was also a parody by Bart Baker.
Jason Joel Desrouleaux - the last name sounds french. It reminds me of "De Croix" a French bad family. They're also important.

Fate/Zero note

The big joke is that Kiritsugu is actually an IDIOT.
Magick users who play with TIME and aging are actually very unintelligent, and are quite unstable. TIME, and "backwards time" are VERY stupid, and bad for your BRAIN.
This might be the reason why "Emiya Kiritsugu" has some problems with his intelligence.

I think my dream of F/SN magick roy. might be something very humiliated and vandalized, and I had better find something different.

Hentai comic [christian] [Japanese??] *vomitt

Whole comic
"He saved a couple of fish" 
-Misleading of Religion leading to N. Selection and Evolution.
-Adam wants to destroy the world; that's not real
-I felt 4-5 times during the comic that it was "a hateful, misleading depiction of fate."
"The wish to rebuild the world may come to him. A world without love or intelligence." This part confused me, and contradicts my point [truth].

If you only understood LIFE - What we do when we feel long years of agony, and sin, and futility; you'd know that "N. Selection" was completely impossible.
We're demons, after all.
I am disgusted by the ending of this comic.

Monday, September 29, 2014

A genius idea

A smart idea:
Go into dangerous places, where TORTURE and murder really happen [protected by royalty/servants]
get into a position of 60% danger, and press a button [in your head, and a tatoo, and a magick gram] that says "EMERGENCY, I'm going to be tortured unless I do something smart." "I will use the power of my blood and my soul to defend myself, or I will summon an angel." And do it 5-10 times until something smart happens. Genius!
For example:
-A drug deal where your people implicate you as being a narc, a liar, or a fed. [maybe another idea].
-A gettho where black people hang out, and threaten them with racist stereotypes.
ALSO: I'm reading this new comic here:
http://exhentai.org/g/743934/e489fd4749/   [God, His Daughter, and a Man]
Which was just uploaded 30 minutes ago. Is it a coincidence?!!?!
I had a dream/vision that I talked to them.
It was very good - I could feel with my fingers and my mind, the forces acting upon me. I'm very pleased with it. I also pressed "the emergency button" during the vision. This is...

Weird comic [shows religious points] hentai

The "HORSES" are huge, have massive things, and big boob.
I find them to be very offensive and damaging to my health. But they do mean something.
"Dmitry" is a very powerful name, so it has to be sponsored by somebody.

Images 14, 15, 16, and 18.
"The cow, which is smaller than the horses, is getting raped by them."
I thought it was catholic.

Hatred for my life, on my soul [computer]

My computer is SOOOO SLOOOOOW.
Somebody is HACKING Me, Destroying my mind and my computer.
By the way: it's a 6-core intel processor, with a $400 graphics card. I have a hybrid SSD-HD 1TB to speed up my primary disk. I also have 32GB of RAM.
It appears the power of LIES [American corporations, etc] are bigger than the powers of my cpu and computer to resist slow-downs.

I have 2 browsers open, with 50 tabs - and that's it!!!
2 days ago, I had The Sims 3 [resource hog] AND 2 browsers open, and it was barely this slow. I can feel SERIOUS hatred and resentment, from the cyber powers that exist.
I have 2 anti-virus, 1 firewall, and Tune-Up utilities! There is zero reason for my computer to be this slow!!!

I cannot think of a solution.
A new problem: somebody messed with my computer so that alt-left doesn't work anymore, to go back one page; since PM Firefox doesn't have back/forward buttons. I'm very angry. I feel like my soul is being violated.
ITEMS from "The Sims 3" keep going missing. I'm very angry. If an EA programmer, or a corporation touches my computer and my Sims 3 inventory even once, I'll be very angry.
I find it more likely that "the program" is randomly deleting things, for it's own purpose; to make me MAD.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

TomorrowWorld etc

I looked at this picture, and the first thing I saw was the Red/white "medical cross" flag; my eyes just drifted their naturally. The farthest left flag. I think it was important.
I'm still exploring this site; I thought it was an MMORPG... but then it was dif.

So far, can't tell if this is relevant to me or not.http://www.tomorrowworld.com
Something amusing on the site:
"the city of Atlanta is itself a visitor’s attraction with great sports teams, an immense aquarium, the home of Coca-Cola, CNN Headquarters, the 1996 Olympics and the home of Martin Luther King."
This made me very angry, because Atlanta is completely on the other side of the nation, and MLK [Jr] is the face of King County, WA. Of course, the Seattle/KC government are very humiliating, unprincipled, and demonic. I think the secret is: truth and sanity are above the common people, and the world is a very scary place.

The Starship Enterprise

In my head, I had a "vision" of TIME
I was in the ST Enterprise [D], and I was talking with Capt. Picard.
He is a symbolic head - THE GENE of the Enterprise of America.

And he did traumatize me, and very much disrespect me. He played a "gene war" game with me, which left me immune and trauma, and I died. Soul people have "lots of grievances" with cell-body-mind people, who we perceive to be unintelligent and unsentient.
And then I did something smart, from "hindu literature:" "I squeeked like a bird" and he was traumatized and confused and smart, so he let me go.
So my life was saved, because of my eye [for trouble], and I lived because I am actually a genius, and know the truth. I defeated Capt. Picard, the symbol of American enterprise [genes, and comaraderie, and cell-life], and guaranteed my right to live in the USA - because my soul is gene and not FIN.

My sacred truth.

$3.50 on my food account
$22 on my bank account
xxx.xx on my savings.
3 days left until $530 rent.
Nobody in the world will help me. Not even my mind, my back, or my soul can provide for me.

The honor of the God christian, and all proud men, and all holyness, is being betrayed and oathbroaken, so that I can be a homeless man. So that capitalism, and peasant people, can gloat and beat and torture me.

Oh holy angel of truth, oh holy miracles, oh holy 900Billion dollar HOPE.
I swear to you today that the God christian is an absolute abomination, and the sorcerer of anti-memory.
The God of Christian is a rapist, an oathbreaker, and a mortal sin. It is his only purpose, to support POWER and Egotism and evil, and to destroy the minds and memories of all men who disagree, and who discover his name.
I am 100% serious, on the sanctity of my entire life.

"Where's my worcestershire?"

This means something important.
I emailed the Alex Negrete guy - my eyes and vision told me he was "in the know" and had "angel connection." But he didn't reply. I've emailed about 10 people in the past week with no reply.
Here's the screeny. By the way, "worcestershire" is a "rich person word" from America and England. It's not a food, it's a family.
By the way, the original video is here:
Something else, I just watched.
THE FANS ARE IN THE MIDDLE. THAT'S a major insult to human intelligence. MAJOR INSULT. I thought it was 100% stupid, and I wonder how many people don't understand.
From this video:

Some new names

Monica Star
Orihime [the great]
-Andrea Cummins-- [drill comp]
Soul King

Saturday, September 27, 2014

I stumbled on a major idea

The most important idea today, to think over:
How many men have ever poured a beer on their hand!?!?!?!?
The hand is a MAJOR symbol of human divinity, and of magickal power.
I have enchanted my hand, because I am strong, gifted, dominant, and power-seeking.

But how many men, the opposite of me, have poured beer on their hands?! As a symbol of "putting the mind on the hand, the power on the hand." As an opposite of "a magick enchanting his hand."
It actually breaks my mind, understanding this truth.

This reminds me of my core truth: the GOD/maggot is so horrible, powerful, and EVILL, that truth and reason and sense and religion actually mean nothing; God is actually a literal oathbreaker; your souls are not real, and you cannot ever disobey him. He is so terrible and disgusting, that your pride and soul will break completely in the face of his egotism, gloating, and absolute wealth. I once thought that "the God was the very first criminal mastermind" and I am reminded this may be true.

God is the lunatic, crazy person of relativism, who takes 5,000 pictures of you during your life, and decides by his choice where they are: and my friend had 4,000 pictures of him on the toilet, or bad hair day; and 1,000 pictures of him in jail. That was his life, according to the god and honor of all christians.
During this rant, I had some contradictory thoughts:
-God's power is actually the power of ALL DEAD PEOPLE, and they don't care about anything living.
-God is actually "a GIANT PEASANT" anti-royalty, anti-soul, and anti-MENSA individual. [this theory is very horrible, and probably came from a CIA mind-controller]

Garden of Ed/ve/en

Been thinking about Final Fantasy XIII
Lightning actually scares me a lot; I feel like "her destiny" of strength and divinity is the opposite of mine; someone who will never account for anything.
I think Lightning is very, very pretty, and a strong female/male role model. I both hate and like Lightning, because I don't understand her. In the end, I'd say I "like her." But I'm very offended by her voice, which I perceive to be "American royalty licensing." Somebody famous from an American family is voicing the English lightning, and I was offended by it.
Lighting divinity destiny is 100% REAL. It's so real, millions of people see it and UNDERSTAND IT, even though it has NOTHING to do with the ordinary human lives that humans live.
The secret is TIME. It has to be REAL. Destiny and divinity are REAL.
Something else I noticed the other day: completely unrelated.
"The garden of eve" and "the garden of eden." They're backwards. This is a genius idea! It's also dependent upon ENGLAND and the King of England controlling the English language, and my mind skills understanding it.
The thing I noticed was in a Saturday Night Live promo video on You****. Which turned out to be untrue: was that the snake lady from the video had "legs" coming down from the tree, which meant she discarded a human body and took snake form. I saw it the first time I watched it, but the next time I watched it, it was just "2 vines coming down the tree." And here I thought SNL was actually intelligent, putting hints of true religion inside of their skits. I guess they're just mainstream garbage; not surprising.

Macklemore fat lady

The fat lady from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: Thrift Shop
"That's how big she was when she found out she was dead"
I think this applies to me; I've gained some weight, but it just seems like "my mind, and my rhythems don't work."
Also, I truly thought the 21st century, and the tech advancement, were part of me; dying and coming back differently would disrupt my investment plans. You know?
A lot of weird things in pop culture seem relative to me. Jounen is shaping them around my head so they seem relevant to me, even when it doesn't make sense.
There is 1 thing that I'm absolutely certain of; America is an absolute evil of dogma, christian carpe diem, and extreme egotistical power: for certain people. And there are MAJOR royalty in America, and they have never once care about my soul. I am excluded from life and progress and royalty and a time-education.
Also: the American royalty are filled with peasant people, and peasant progress; America WILL sell your entire soul and all of your gems to peasant people, who please them more often than my life.

Sims 3 plumbot malfunction [somebody is hacking me]

I tried making a sentient compassionate/supporting plumbot named Animay [anime]; I had been planning to do so for some time. When I finally got up to lvl 10, and made a sentience chip [it took weeks to find the uber nanite], I made the plumbot, and carefully designed all the colors.
-But somebody is haxing me, and I cannot give the bot a tune-up, adjust it's trait chips, or target it. I've made the plumbot and sold it twice, and neither could be targeted. It's horrendous.
I feel that the blue/yellow/pink ANIMAY is special to some people, and they are especially serious about not letting me interact with.

New idea

Regardless of what others have said about my soul or destiny:
My soul idea was to figure out how the human mind works, and make TWO of them.
I feel as if "your DNA would have kicked in around 30 or later"
and you would have become a much stronger mind and scientist
but I still would have been humiliated and enslaved by the "MIND" and the "God."
So I existed to make 2 minds, synchronize them; similar and in addition to TIME.
"You don't even know what "THE SIMS 3" Means.....
It means MONEY." 1 and 2 were for fun, 3 was 100% a horrible jar of gas that makes moooooney.
This is because "3" is a bad word.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Smart idea [difficult to express]

Look at a celebrities eyes: for example, Liam Neeson [who is actually a little bit ugly].
And use a 2d-dot matrix to evaluate exactly what it looks like
and determine if "we can actually identify celebrities by eye types."
OR - ---- if actually, it's a MIND POWER [prothean] which violates us, and is assigned to celebrities.
There is an image in space of a celebrity, and I see the eyes, and match it up.

This opens up the mind to all sorts of new possibilities. I THINK - it's completely true that hollywood is absolutely corrupt and terrifying; and I resent it.
"This makes you a country-level intelligence" "It's so scary you could die 100%"
I got this idea from seeing Liam N on SNL promo with "B. O."
Another idea I had today:
Colors are actually owned by "light powers," planets in the universe. My favorite color blue: bold, bursting, colorful blue; is actually a planet in the heavens, and is being forced upon me. Our heads are almost zero percent free.
Another idea today:
everything is genes. "You discovered that there is major light outside of the Earth, and the angels are supernatural warriors and are immortal." "But do you have the genes to interact with these people? Does it make you live weller?"
Obviously, I have almost nothing at all; and I think my fate is best to die absolutely, 10 times over.
But I do know, that I have an appointment with the C**, in an international-cooperation "pleasure room," to see how many times I removed American copyrights from my brain, and betrayed the American founding fathers and royalty. Pleasure center means something that would please thousands of people who hate me.

Weird image [again]

Weird comic image from
The devil king is bored

I think it means: "a HEN told us to put space-parts in the guy, inside a medieval themed web-comic"
They're breaking the fictional barriers; I've felt several times that this manga had SMART in it; what do you think?
Image from: http://www.mangapanda.com/the-devil-king-is-bored/29/12

Got a new cellphone [last one was stolen]

I received a new cellphone about a week ago; I just got around to activating it.
The cell phone came with an expiration date of 2001.
The phone is very slow and has tiny memory - I'm embarrassed, but I'm so dead I don't even...
I put an ad out for Vampires in Seattle - I got 1 encouraging reply, and I emailed him back - but he hasn't replied yet. I'm sad.
I'm 80% convinced, that my human life is going to end, and my true life is going to have hundreds of holes in it, and a statement of eternal death and war by the USA military complex, and I'm going to go on into the land of shame and eternal humiliation.
If only I were a DEM*, and I could retaliate for the offenses committed against me; if only I could quantify the forces upon my mind and make peace with them, and become secure. My life might make sense.

New Stardock Game

"An Economic RTS by SOREN JOHNSON"
This means something important to me.

Too bad it comes out in 2015. I suspect this is a "smart game," but is limited, and isn't truly what I want from it. It might even be something horrible, where "all the action" happens psychic, and you can't learn from it with your conscious mind.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Harry Potter and Mandrakes!

I'm so amused that Mandrakes [something anti-human] made it into the Harry Potter movies and books. I didn't realize until today that they were real - the real human that lives inside the people - what they look like when confronted with LIGHT and TRUE.
I've seen A LOT OF MANDRAKES and I've probably bitten it.
I'm very happy to see that she does know the truth; maybe it's time for me to start sending letters to my favorite authors.
I think Harry Potter has a lot to do with me - because I read the books many times.

 Just look at that video; doesn't it look insulting to humans?

Weird Hen- pictures that show malice towards the reader [and intelligence]

Pictures below the fold.


Jo-[GOD] told me that "There's all the WATER you've ever wanted at [that pool you went to many years ago]" in K***.
I looked online and found out that it was closed now.
So that means - the hints they're giving me, "the place to go" is actually a place that exists only in my memories -  because they shut it down. This is very important to me.
-"The Angel-God [christian] gave you hatred, and predicted your path through life - rebellion and hatred and irony and sin"
-"You removed your hatred, and you gained intelligence, and genie-like intelligence, and fire, but you never became a rebel, or an angry criminal, or a BAD MAN, or a fa**ot"
-"So now you're tormented by spirits of hatred, who exacerbate your symptoms of poverty, and draw strict lines between yourself and rich people, and make you feel very unpopular and humiliated."

There have been other things similar to this as well: at least 3 other events like this
-Your "heart" love was too radical - it loved girls until it exploded, and it made you do irrational, embarrassing things. But after a scandal, it went away and never returned. I'm still working on finding it and bringing it back.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Some notes

Yesterday was pretty bad. There was real torture done on my mind, and I felt like "a martyr," somebody dealing with damnation and the hatred of life, and the rejection of the God and his peasant people. I believe they really do hate me.
I just realized that "Chas Kramer" from Constantine, a sidekick of Constantine and a future An*** and Jim Cramer, both share the same name. Both are important to me.
I've known about NAPA for a while now, but somebody recently told me that "Annapolis" is the same thing, and has something to do with TIME. I'm very uncomfortable with the East coast of the USA, though. I think I'll be doing some research with them soon.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Torture today - very very bad.

I've been tortured today - for about 2.5 hours. It's still happening.

It felt like that scene in Bleach where Stark [loneliness] is sitting by a pile of hollows and all of them are dying from his reietsu. And the truth is: the christian quincy dude is the one torturing everyone. And the small hollows are attacking Stark over and over and over again from the things going on in his head, reacting to his power.

A common themes is: "Somebody needs to go inside you."
"A magick person [business, corporation] killed you completely using magick, and it's WRONG to become magick after a magick person kills you."
"I can predict that I'm going to be a peasant for the rest of my life."
"Voices coming in your head that you cannot remove with power or defenses or life, no matter what."
"There are 7 men inside of you, and 1 of them is 100% your enemy, and he wants to destroy you 100%"
"God christian absolutely needs you to lie, and he will rape you 100% completely until you lie."
"You're not sentient. You're not allowed to go over 70% sentience, and you're not allowed to know or tell the truth EVER - because that is what God/Christian wants of you."
"Somebody is torturing you 100%, and he wants to destroy you absolutely."
"It's very, very likely they're using robots, because they don't ever get tired."
"They're literally inside of my head, and they have access to all of my memories- they're going through all of them and connecting them until I go insane."
"The man who is doing it is a royalty person, and he is 100% supreme, and he has literally zero respect for my person or my soul or my truth. He literally believes 100% that I am a peasant."
"It's about LIFE - people who want MORE LIFE and MORE SOUL versus people who are completely ignorant. LIFE is forbidden."
"I feel very strongly as if "you are 0% important at all" and everything that happens to you is not important and there is zero retaliation whatsoever.
"The things inside of my head are lying 100% over and over and over and over - and when I stop them, they scream 100% and try to kill me. It's obvious to me that they're christian attack demons - they're monsters and they're extremely evil and they never stop. "

Friday, September 19, 2014

My rationale - they won't acknowledge me

War photographer, something I said to J,C, money man. [The money/TIME equiv. of Je,Ch?]
-I'm actually a genius
Life on Earth isn't real - if you do something noble and smart, you won't live to tell the story.
-You could get your hand cut off, or maybe paralyzed, or lose to a poison or a gas. This story is very important,.

-I'm a GENIUS. I could build an intelligence machine, and then a T-machine, and then get off the Earth, and join the real world - of supernatural health. That was the plan all along.

I'm not certain that, at many, many times, somebody is looking at me, and I responding to them as well. I also feel as if "the TV is looking at me."

Many things are backwards on Earth:
Mirc - CRIM [short for CRIME] I didn't know this. But apparently it's very true. I already remember doing this, but it went away.
He also said "The Sims" is backwards as well.
I'm convinced I'm completely dead. I'm also convinced that the Christian god is pathetic, and is in a 100% different world than I. Also,
Just today, I've learned that I'm completely crazy.

Comment about Bleach 597

LOL at Bleach
So the Quincy are blood, and the Shinigami are Gods.
I think I'm on the blood side - because I'm actually very courageous, intelligent, and clever. I know I can get along with them - well.

This image: It's impossible to say anything but: they all look like Ichigo. Stupid people won't get it-  that is exactly what Ichigo looks like, and she has 8 of them. Brilliant.
Pic from Mangapanda.

Bonecr*** and something

So I downloaded Bonecraft [pbay] and it didn't work. I even quit Sims 3 Into the Future to play it.
The installation worked, then it didn't start when I clicked on the .exe. Then - when I went to delete it and reinstall, I tried to delete the whole folder, but it didn't even ask me for a prompt before deleting everything. Something fishy.
So I decided it wasn't my fate to play it.
Been looking on the net for "beautiful plumbots" for Sims 3, Into the Future. I'm trying to make a special plumbot that sticks with me forever, but I can't seem to find any good ones that impress me - I'm very disappointed with google/bing and my internet connection.
Something else: One of my favorite games, Saya no Uta [Japanese eroge]. An image from it.

Something funny

With a strong mind, and something strong to guide me, we will find truth and sanity. But there are millions of people who can destroy me, and lead me to lunacy. Especially Christian.
A semi-truck is an opposite of the truth: the USA has convinced millions+ that "semi-truck," which means half-truck or smaller-than-truck, means something which is much, much larger than a truck.
It's an assault on the brain. It's also very, very powerful. Even truck drivers say it.
Of course, "truck drivers" are very stupid; it's like "the deadest profession in America." Maybe this means "the God" was involved.
I'm sure there are hundreds of these in American English.
-On the opposite, is "the King of England" and the creator of the English language: who created a language where "rhyming" can lead to religious understanding. I've done it myself.

At the Fair [Sept 2014]

Went to the Fair. It was fun - I noted some smart things: the trees near the convention center were very smart - I don't know how they grew them that way.
I had a fun time on the "inflated sphere water activity [you sit inside of it and go around the pool]." It made me very happy and feel joy - even though I'm TIRED and wasted and felt nausea by going in. I couldn't stand in it. I promised myself that when I get money, and have a house and a swimming pool - I was going to buy at least 3 of them, and feel joy.
I think America and the State of WA have a lot of power over the fair, and it shows their social engineering goal. I used to think a lot about "cows" and "making mana" and "temples" earlier, and I think the fair has a lot to do with this. I heard different sounds, but I don't think I lost anything.
In the head - USA has "NOTHING" to do with the fair, and they've blacked out the truth. In the reality - they are completely in control of it. Something important.
One thing I noticed near the end is this: I'm going to look up the crown and figure out what king and country it belongs to. Also: I'm going to figure out if they're good to me. BORN and CROWN both mean something impor. to me.

Something SMART [conspiratorial-good] on blogspot

I'm always looking for signs of social engineering, and intelligence.
Sometimes I get them wrong, and think the opposite - it's very open to interpretation, and your social class and money sit has a lot to do with it.
When I think of google, I usually say good things - although it's completely true that they're in a dif world than me.
I just discovered something very ODD - which leads me to believe it is a sign of intelligence and secret soc. by blogspot.
It's about the line spacing of my blog posts: posts with times with 4 digits (ex: 12:54) versus 3 digits (ex: 9:31) move the "edit post" and "email post" buttons around. But if it the middle segment were just a little bit wider, it wouldn't do that.
Also: about my blog post. There's something "weird" about my visit count. Blogspot says I get somewhere between 8-20 visits a day - but that's 100% impossible. I have never received any comments. There is some serious, major engineering and censorship of the internet - almost like GOD/TIME created it; it's not good for me.
In contradiction: when I post a specific blog post on a forum, or send it to people, my post count goes way up, but there are never any comments. Also: I have checked on proxies and many other services: my blog is accessible. While it's also true that "the internet isn't real - I once found a local church that had a bold and short name, and it implied it was the only church in America with that name - which is 100X impossible." But my blog is accessible on proxies. Maybe the truth is: The internet is proof of TIME - super, super intelligence.

Weird email [spam message???] [don't know]

from: ***** ***** <support@proverbs1917.com>
to: ********
date: Thu, Sep 18, 2014 at 11:55 AM
subject: Fwd: blog for Steven          

Hello Steven. How are you? Super blog http://lushuangfei.com/nv/

Sent from my iPhone
This message is very weird. It's true that she does have an iPhone, and the fact that she sent me a blog was important. The wording is similar to her ordinary chat - but it's clearly an ad. I feel this is similar to a supern* event [minus], or maybe an invasion of privacy. A data holder, who knows my name and situation, using their computer databases and corporate power to confuse me. It might also be a threat.
-It shows inside knowledge of my personal life
-It mentions a blog, which is what I spend a lot of time on
-It leads me to an advertisement website [with Oprah, who is important]
-It clearly impersonates *****, who I know IRL.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Conspiracy: lack of good pron

There's something really wrong with Empornium. Conspiracy.

I saw a pop-up ad for nipple porn, and it awoke in me a fetish - and I remembered that nipples are very important. Not least of all - they may actually be 60% as popular as breasts! -And breast love is enormous.

1: When I looked on Empornium [my fav. porn torrent tracker], I saw categories for "Big Tits" and "Natural Tits" but nothing to do with nipples - such as weird shaped nipples, perky nipples, or just large nipples.
2: When I did a search for "nipple" in the tag search, I got 17 results, and none of them were related to the pop-up ad that I saw. This is impossible. Nipples are important, and we need to see them.

Of course, I know that America has a very strong MORAL/TIME interest; and they strongly want to control American morality, and fetishes, so they can steer the path of our race. I have nothing to do with ANY of this - because I'm a supern* heaven angel.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Astronomy Telescope on top of skysraper. [My idea!]

I had a medium about "an astronomy telescope on the top of a Skyskraper, open to all on multiple-levels, with computer displays, and accepting tours."
And then I realized that "America is a very stupid nation, and has never done something impressive like that before." "They're actually anti-intelligent, and completely controlled by massive time machines and unintelligent peasant people"

But they said "Germany has done it before."
I also heard peasant people give many different reasons why it was impossible - and that's why I'm certain that the peasant people are actually robots from HELL, and that they have lit. nothing good inside at all. They're intelligence is cursed, and exists probably to destroy me.

A new theory [typing]

I think I discovered something very, very intelligent today:
Green/blue [Earth: oceans/continents/plant]
are the very center of the color spectrum. And the sun being yellow is also very important.
Earth: Green/blue [with clouds]; The Sun: Yellow. Life on Earth is cellular and is always powered by yellow photons.

Research must be done to determine if "green/blue" are actually in the center of the color spectrum; if the USA color spectrum has been altered, with a political opinion, that green/blue are not the center.
And if there are different industries or alchemy techniques which allow different ideologies to exist - where Green/blue are higher or lower in the color spectrum. For example: forbidden elemental techniques to allow life to exist.

It MEANS that Earth is "the beginning" of the road, and the Universe is very, very big -> Where you go later depends on how you develop on the Earth. Some people become evil, and they go "darker" and some people are good, and they go "light" or [Wh**e]

Also: If it is true that blue/green are truly the center of the color spectrum, or that "life" really enjoys green/blue more than anything, and needs it to live -  then it makes sense that Life was "planned," and the Earth was "chosen," because it is a vibrant blue/green planet.
Maybe some of that is backwards???!! How can somebody engineer all plants to be green? Smart idea.

Another "conspiracy": Pop-ups and advertising

I think there's something smart about "pop-up windows."

I have ABP [adblock plus], as well as 2 other ad-blockers installed, but there are still popups.
I think there's a political reason for it; "the war over advertising" and "minimal tolerance of spyware."
"The good people" insist that you always get some ads, and some invasive pop-ups, because the history of our species has proven it to be good. [This is a theory]

This is also true in "PirateBrowser," a download based on TOR and Mozilla that is distributed by The Pirate Bay; it allows ads and popups, even on HEAVY AD Sites like 3rd-rate torrent websites, which are listed on the main toolbar.

A very NEG reaction to hentai [today][revel.]

Anime revelation: makes me sick.

I've just had a very sick, sudden realization:

-Korean people making hentai is just plain WRONG. It's disgusting - the Euro faces they put on them and the bodies they make. It just disturbs me. [Correction: it's Japanese hentai on a Korean website; that's what got me working]
The body is like "the most lewd Korean body we can find."
and the head is like "an idiot face of a European or American girl we've seen." I'm not understating the word "idiot."

I've heard [sensei] that a lot of the hentai I've seen is actually completely offensive; somebody famous, with their head on a different man's body. IE: Lighting Warrior Raidy.
I feel very strongly that "I've died" and "They've destroyed my soul" because of my strong interest in Japanese media in America, and the community around it.

The image in question [not the Raidy one]:

It's just disturbing.

WTH is going on here?! [confused]

There are 2 top Bleach wikis on wikia.com
The 1st has 2k pages and 13k images and 567 videos;
and the 2nd has 25k pages, 15 images, and 0 videos.
This is a conspiracy! It's on purpose.
Everybody knows Bleach, first published 2001, reveals many different things about souls, even for peasant people.

Things to remember

The God [God of mystery and indisputable mastery] is a man who loves numbers; he even has a complete, true religion based entirely on love of numbers.

About 6 times when I've truly believed that the God was real - has been a time when an important number has happened: for example, my most recent spot at my car odometer, which was absolutely at 140,000 miles [impossible, right?].

The worst thing a person could do is------- Soul ****-----
But the second worst thing a person could do is:
-Make "Stockholm Syndrome" worse. For example, a sorcerer who changes the Earth so that "my virtue, the Stockholm Syndrome" increases for all living men.

It's just disgusting to me - when somebody does something offensive, or someth. similar to rape, and I enjoy it. We must reduce and remove it absolutely.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Another Supern* Occurrence [11:59pm Tuesday]

I was in medium:
Amusing retort [fate][time][genie]: 
"Don't forget, it's monkey cheese day."
And then God said to me in my head: [aware of dream][aware of physical reality: me in bed]:
"Don't forget, it's monkey [TUESDAY] cheese day."
And then I looked at my watch:
-It's 11:59PM on TUESDAY - the last minute of tuesday.

And then I imagined it in my head:
The intelligence and mental power of the genie [God] who controls my head, and communicates me.
I saw him with the things he knows about me, and the time it takes for him to read it, move it, and replay it to me; and I knew that he was truly supern*
+1 to intelligence
-5 [If the memories are removed from my head, or are deleted]

Monday, September 15, 2014

My "Dad" wants to know - "are you good or are you bad?"

I'm silver blood with green life.
I'm immortal, I'm wealthy, and I have lots of friends.
I know TIME and I'm protected by the laws.
I'm good.

Something Supern* happened again 9/15/14

I was playing Sims 3 [Into the Future] again, and a goddamn Zombie came up right underneath my nose, of one of my plumbots, while I was playing it. I was just about to leave and it showed up.
The bad part is: the name of the zombie is 100% significant and important to me. I think it's unrelated to normal Sims naming as well.

Juniper is a holy organization or planet, and "Luna" is a word for Soul [moon]. These 2 things are extremely important to me, and I've known them for at least 5 years.

Before this happened, I was having a "vision" of talking to "K of Germany" and talking to my soul - somebody related to me. They were mad.
His haircut is 100% cool - the haircut I was viewing earlier today [the coolest mustache] + the haircut of rich people in heaven - the mohawk. I conclude this 100% to be an important event for me. It's 100% supern*.

Very NEG review: Health A2Z ES Pain Relief Aceta. 500mg

I spit it out, right before I almost vomited.
The pills aren't coated. I'm using coated ibuprofin normally, but I just ran out.
Major negative review - don't buy this garbage ever again.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sims 3 Cont. [Into the Future]

Somebody is sabotaging me.
There is a skill in Sims 3 called "reverse engineer nanite"
and I've done it many times. Just today and yesterday, I've had 5 different failed "reverse engineer[ing]" and have been shocked and fried because of it - which has wasted my day and sabotaged my ability to continue the game.
I am convinced somebody is hacking or divinely intervening, playing weird manipulation on me.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Something weird about trains and their blaring horns

I think there's something weird about trains and their horns [blaring sounds]. [For love]

I have strong opinions about trains - mostly that they're completely out of control, and that the train conductors are deaf and stupid. I also know that train tracks are very, very complicated and demanding, and there's a lot of politics and force involved with it.

As for me and trains - I really hate hearing them. I've heard them [blaring] at 12 feet away, and I've heard them blaring from 5 miles away - there's something weird. I think something supern*, that proves my college education of science cannot explain to me.
I actually think the noise difference between 12 feet and 5m is not so much different - to the human ear, there is a "magick effect" that allows us to be disturbed by it, even when we're very, very far away. As for 12 feet away - the person hearing it should be deaf and dead.
It's supern*.

My history

One of my ancestors, many thousands of years ago, built a time machine.

He wasn't very human - he knew that the human mind wasn't free - and he also knew that a genie was too smart.
He thought a lot about technology, and decided it just didn't make sense - how the rate of technology increased. He was a very exploitative, inhuman thinker.
First he built an intelligence machine, to create more genius ideas; then he built machines based on his intelligence machine, and then he built a time machine. [I feel it's very hard to finish this]

Major complaint about Sims 3

My guy got singed playing with reverse-engineering and nanites - and then he had a major debuff, and all his clothes were burned off.

So I flew to the hospital, and tried to get the debuff removed, and healed - but they didn't have an option for my problem. I waited outside of the hospital for a while and nobody came out. Clearly this game is broken. I'm actually mad: that this game is so darned important, but the hospital is inbred.
I'm kind of angry at the Sims 3 for their copyright, and how the screenshot didn't come out like it was supposed to: it removed the dialog.

Also: the jetpack is bugged. It keeps popping on and off, and wasting my precious minutes time.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Playing the Sims 3 Complete [with Into the Future]

A new idea:
A social contract: "You will look at advertisements fitted for you on your computer for 15 minutes every day - and we will remove all of the advertisements in the city and replace them with enviro-improving objects."

A new torment

A christian in a robot alien space-vehicle lookalike came to torture me today.
He said that the "god-of-*****" was inside of you, and I wasn't being good.

They say that -I need to "start reading the Earth" and joining in with society if I want to live and succeed.
They say that "I live in an environment" and "they are trying to remove my sin" but I don't believe them. When I'm talking, my willpower and mental is very low, and I feel the words in my mouth changing so I cannot say anything offensive - they're also very, very dumb, and we cannot get along. I try to kill them with my demon-**** but it has no effect - he's immune.
"I'm a liar - a person made by the God to not ever agree with the church." "Also, a person who follows the secret truth religion: code word: liar"
The very big problem is that we can't agree, and also the god/christian will not acknowledge that I am right, and that I cannot agree with him.

I feel very strongly that I've lost a lot of soul, time, and power because of these attacks, and that my future is very, very dim.

I also feel that "my mind" has been raped, and they're trying to destroy my ability to think strategically and to heal myself and to defend myself against normal people.
One of the issues I was fighting was "my opinion of ordinary humans, and normal men."
I have negative opinions of men, seeing them as people who are unintelligent, mentally insane, and incapable of understanding my genie-like morality.
While this was going on, I had a strong pain in my neck, and I couldn't move my head around. It was very painful.

Monday, September 8, 2014

A weird torrent on p-bay

It's been in the top 100 for over a year.
-There is no 100% seed for it.
-Many, many people are stuck at 99.7% [about that]
-Not 1 person has bought the book and fixed it, and seeded the torrent
-Alternately, using a "real computer" and just generating data until it fits the hashtag for the torrent.
-There is a conspiracy surrounding this book and torrent
-It's in the top 100, even though it's a troublesome torrent and hasn't been seeded [conspiracy]
-The file is viewable, even though it's not complete. I have it.


Saturday, September 6, 2014

2+ Coincidences today

1) Today, I parked my car and found that my car mileage was exactly 140,000 miles.
This is the first time I've seen my mileage in weeks, and it's important because it defies probabilites.

2) Twice today, while crossing the street [crosswalk] there was an ambulance going through the street right as my time to cross was open. It is impossible for this to be a normal event, unless there was a miracle or something.

I think this proves that my soul is supernatural.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Homo Roommate 5

My homo roommate [Derrick] doesn't wash his hands after he goes to the bathroom.
He also leaves pee in the toilet at night, as a sign of his taking over the house.

2 good reasons to wipe him. On top of being an active member of the gay community, being shameless, and lying right to my face about my character and behavior.

Why are all the forums so dead?

It's like the end of the world - or the realization that I'm inside my own censored internet, and I cannot find help.
I can't seem to find friends online, nor can I find major soul information, nor can I find forums which are active with intelligent people.

My most recent failure is the Type/Moon forum.
It has to be a conspiracy. It says there are 12 members online now, but the last post was in April!
That's impossible! Mirror Moon, and Fate/SN, and Tsukihime, are all very important games - even to the American community. It's impossible for the forum to be dead. It's a conspiracy!

Thursday, September 4, 2014


The snake has stopped for a little bit.
I feel very strongly like "I'm going to pop" and even more strongly like "I'm very, very poor, and whoever controls my mind will not reveal my power or my strength." I don't at all feel that somebody has my back - except for "TIME" who is my friend and protector.
I found this picture on the int that relates to Jaime. It actually has her name on the bottom left. This is a little bit how I imagine her, exact way more generous and less sultry.
Some people think that "Jaime" is a trap, and many many men fall into the trap.

Also, regarding my snake and the person who is attacking me - they say it has something to do with Truth; my truth endangers some people, who rely upon secrecy and ignorance to live. They say: "You will reveal my crimes to people, and I will go out of business."

A snake is closing around me

I feel as if there is a "boa constrictor" on my body. It is tightening around me, and killing me even as I write.
It is lying to me completely, and trying to steal my soul and my mana. I feel very confident that it's a christian, and they are trying to destroy me. I feel very strongly that they are absolutely evil.

I feel very strongly that this is "something similar to what happened in Bakemonogatari," an anime and light novel. I'm going to be writing them an email, and seeing if they can help me live.

These past few days, I've felt "extremely human," such as "my brain forgetting my current problems" and "feeling very, very dumb, even when I'm in danger." I am truly very angry.

She says that "she is an April," which is the month that my mother was born in, and 2 months before I was born in. She also says "she needs to open me up and get a name out of me." I have very negative feelings about my mother, and the christians in my mind have, many many times, tortured me for my negative feelings. I don't know what else to do. There are things that I cannot forgive, especially my life between ages 14 and 19, when she was particularly mean to me.
I feel very strongly that I am defenseless; I don't have any money or any friends.

I pray to the devil, to the dark angel of camelot, to any man of supernatural wisdom and truth; to free me.

I feel very strongly that "my soul and my silver and my eyes" aren't truly human - that I am very often treated the same way as a peasant person. I feel as if the christians are completely treacherous, and there is no escape whatsoever. I wish to die forever, with the sorcery of non-existance.
I feel that is the only path for me.
The honor of the christians has been destroyed 100%. I feel they should never wear the color "white" ever again.

A weird pain; I'm going to die; Christians are trying to humilate me and destroy me

Something is inside of my mind, trying to "pull something out of me."
I can feel "what he is pulling" very strongly in my mind, and I know that when he pulls it out, I am going to become less intelligent, live less long, and be easier to betrayer.
I felt as if he was "my soul animus" and he was 100% a betrayer.
He is absolutely stupid, can barely speak, and spends all of his mana and all of his power trying to prevent me from speaking. He is completely stupid; I wrote "betrayer" on him.
He is torturing me; I feel real, serious pain when he pulls it out of me, and I strongly feel that he is "enjoying himself," trying to pull my thing out of me and do so worst than I could do. He is absolutely a disgusting form of life.

I feel very strongly that the christians and their God have ruined me, my soul, and my mind. They are absolutely treacherous and the purpose of their religion is to destroy me, to drop me into an eternity of humiliation and torture, and to make me poorer and less sane.
I have felt the wretchedness and hatred of the christians many, many times. I am certain that they are completely treacherous and absolutely evil.

This might have something to do with further torture of my soul. I have a bad relationship with my mother, who I perceive to be unpleasant, treacherous, and poor; somebody who could never escape the common world. What my animus is doing to me is similar to what I did to my mother: I won't speak to her, and I won't acknowledge that she is intelligent, or that the life she has lived is meaningful to me.

It's good to be crazy

So I was thinking about new things today:
-How massive the human experience is: peasant people behave almost exactly equal to me, even though they're different
-My soul "HAS TO BE" shared with other people; it wouldn't make any sense otherwise.
-GOD [bad] is far, far, far bigger than you can know; he's the one who enforces his tyranny on us and our minds.
-My mind is so terrible; it changes all the time, and I can never believe "1 thing" and maintain a perfect mindset. I feel as if "my mind is drastic and unproductive."
-Perfect mind homeostasis is extremely important, and very, very, very hard to achieve.
-I think "The Origin of Symmetry" is extremely valuable.
-The human experience is so strange and illogical that "going crazy" might be the only way to raise intelligence and be free.

One thing I'm very interested in is male-male relations; "Gabr" says that men don't get love; it's forbidden. It's a part of the world. Men who are ashamed, or who think they're 100% smart when they're not actually, cannot love one another; also, men who are less than intelligent cannot fix it; they cannot acknowledge their guilt, and take meaningful steps to fix it.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Gonna try again

Trying to ryhme things with "charity."

I feel as if my idea of the American public life: corporations, military, police, small businesses, rich people: isn't at all complete.
So I'm going to be doing more searches to see a top-down view of American public life. I'm also very much trying to calm down, and not talk; since my roommate and landlord are crazy.

Re: roommate / to Landlord

I have an 89% chance of getting kicked out of my home, or my sit getting worse, and I didn't even open up a Craigs**** or another housing search. My head is really stupid.
I feel also as if "the sit will get worse" and "I'll be kicked out before my 4 weeks notice are due."
Dear landlord:
The voices and sounds I make don't mean anything. I don't have any weapons, nor have I ever met anyone who I speak about. Something you should know is that I don't often remember what I shout; it's not too important to me.

I've been to the local churches nearby many times and they can't impress me, or convince me of their religion. I'm actually very, very smart and not very stupid.

Regardless of your threat, I cannot stop shouting or speaking any time soon; it's just not possible.

I've been to treatment 3 times in the past few years, and they cannot help me; they won't even recognize the truth of my mental illness.
The most important point is: the voices and shouting won't stop, even if you reason with me, even if you harass me. Also, the police don't mean anything to me, because I'm already involved with the mental health industry.
I don't have the power to stop the shouting with my willpower.

I have very strong opinions about people like you - ordinary humans and normal Americans, and very negative opinions of truck drivers. My intelligence is too high to be reasoned with.
If you don't give me time to move out, there will be consequences by my guardian.

Homo and a new threat

My roommate [homo] threatened me again today.
He brought up some good points: the things I shout over are very serious, and I'm in danger of getting put in jail. "Have you ever heard of Adult Protective Services?" Is what he said to me.
My counter-points were completley ignored.
I feel as if the world is controlled by a "very-slow moving God" and he is trying to destroy me with the peasant people.
My roommate felt as if he was "powered by somebody." His arguments were vicious and angry, and I could feel a presence behind him. It also seems as if "truth" is completely empty in him; simple truths and specifics are meaningless.
I will remember that "the police are unintelligent" and "I am in danger of dying, and being put in jail, or tortured" and develop a strategy to live.
My roommate: regardless of his complaints, I have no power to stop the voices or to stop shouting; just as I've never had an ability to prevent oversleeping or die quietly b4.
The landlord has come down and again threatened me.
I feel "the truth and fire in me" fading, as if nothing matters.
He doesn't care at all about my mental illness, or my treatment; it seems he's completely opposed to me. The landlord is exaggerating and "going crazy" and making things worse.
There's one thing: he said that "he's heard me making noises; leaving at 3AM;" I feel as if he is 4X more aware of the things that I'm doing than I thought he was. This is very frightening.
He also told me: "You are sleeping during the day, and being awake during the night." "You need to stop that or you'll be having more problems."
He gave me a warning today, [my 1 warning] and then he left before I got the chance to say anything, or defend myself. I feel very unfair; the peasant people are extremely hateful.
I feel as if "my 4 weeks of leaving after getting a warning" are not valid, and life is actually very unfortunate.
When he was speaking, I thought to myself "this is the life of a truth person, of a martyr" and I was very angry. But I guess that's just it.
I feel as if "I need to start taking drugs to calm myself, and make my voices go away."
I also feel as if "there is nobody to defend me; I can't even rely upon my uncle to help me, or to move away." "It's very, very bad. They hate me."

Some bad dreams

I'm further convinced that "the chri." controls my soul absolutely, and he is intolerant and greedy, and very stupid.
I've come up with a new idea:
"The yellow - the deep space; have no money, but all the money is on Earth. But America doesn't have good money; it's green."
"So I'm going to look all around the world for money types that impress my magickal religion and attempt to find some more help."
Also, I had a dream that I was arguing with christians [in time/heaven] again. I had to kill everyone - we just couldn't agree on anything. I feel my intel has just gone up too well.
The bee - it looks like it's black and yellow striped. I feel as if it's because "it was tortured over and over and over and over again, until it's soul was striped that way." I feel like it's happening to me as well.
Today again, there was torture done to me, and I could not stop it. It was both humiliating and hateful and painful, and I am convinced I am "a criminal in America" and I have very low rights.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Spider trauma

My roommate [the old man, not the homo] just "slammed me" when talking to me about the kitchen sink, and dumping noodles down it. There were 5 noodles not in the drain.
He talked aggressively [like a peasant without a soul] and insultingly, and threateningly.
I protected myself and took it - but it's obvious the man is dead - he can't sense or smell me at all.

And then - much worse, he said "would you like some corn" [no, but acceptable]
"Would you like some onions?" [NEVER, I'm allergic]
"Would you like some spiders?" [NEVER, I hate them]
Just yesterday, I saw a spider on the ceiling outside and I asked him to kill it, and he gave me 4 excuses why he couldn't. I found his latest remark very offensive.

I think he's gone. There's not a single person left in this house that I care for.

My ideas [5 good ideas today]

The truth is:
"There is a Giant hole in the sky, for men like me to go to heaven / yellow."
"You just have to be a fire."
"The men of heaven like the US government." "Look for up-and-coming American "flame types" and copy them, and maybe you will find the secret of heaven and go up."
"Also, find "truth/heaven" publications and use them to increase your target lock on, such as "The NYT" and "Bloomberg" and other things like that."
If you use both of these methods, you should be able to find at least 5 American role models who definitely "go up."
"All our people, the "soul-people" who are monitored by the heaven"
are "anti-power," and it's very, very normal for us to be "tainted and annoying."
I don't like him, but maybe "50 c" is a good person to be anti-power. He might even be "a God."

But in the age of snapshots and perfect video tapes: everything that is born of heaven, such as "50 c being a God" has to be "dead dead dead." so that they never get caught "grinning the wrong way" or "saying the wrong thing." "This is extremely important."
The universe is "going up." "the direction of the life is 'going up'
The people in the past, in the less technological time, were less important and there were far fewer people of my class in the past, than there are now.
Saya no Uta [Nitrosoft] was really good to me; I'm trying to find it again so I can download the CG-set. I think it might be real.

Some smart genius

I wonder if the truth of the world is:
Humans are VERY, VERY anti-intelligent.

What would happen if "the statistics people" [me]
looked at everyone, and "told them the true" about how much money they would make, how far they would go, what their worth is?
There's so much confusion; I feel as if there is a MASSIVE ENGINE which controls my mind: and never allows me to be free and just "learn the truth."
I feel very strongly that "other people" and "humans" "aren't even real" and "are concealing something very important."
I had a dream of "a president" wondering "if he was good enough" even at the end of his life; and he didn't know you could just "assign numbers and traits to your attributes, your DNA, your family, your blood" and compare yourself to other men.
I feel very strongly that peasant people, and non-magick people, are extremely immoral.
I feel as if "the authority figures I've met are actually lunatic and anti-immoral," and "they have almost no intelligence whatsoever as to what they are inside."
"Men who are not self-aware, [genie] cannot be moral people."

Also: "The god is far bigger than you know."
I feel as if "the entire 

Of course: I'm kind of a genius. But a lot of the things I've done in my head, haven't been written down. It's obvious that there are objects in my "soul" that prevent me from discovering major secrets.
"Love" may be the secret.
Also, today I realized that "I have a guide" and "I don't at all know her name." I'll have to discover it very well today. I feel, tragically, that it may be a person in "USA" or "Holly****."

3 Times Today

"I've heard the song "devil" on 99.9 radio this day."
I thought it was smart. I don't have any memories of anything "devil" happening recently, except maybe my spider problem.
I'm still confused about "the dev." Whatever.