Monday, September 29, 2014

A genius idea

A smart idea:
Go into dangerous places, where TORTURE and murder really happen [protected by royalty/servants]
get into a position of 60% danger, and press a button [in your head, and a tatoo, and a magick gram] that says "EMERGENCY, I'm going to be tortured unless I do something smart." "I will use the power of my blood and my soul to defend myself, or I will summon an angel." And do it 5-10 times until something smart happens. Genius!
For example:
-A drug deal where your people implicate you as being a narc, a liar, or a fed. [maybe another idea].
-A gettho where black people hang out, and threaten them with racist stereotypes.
ALSO: I'm reading this new comic here:   [God, His Daughter, and a Man]
Which was just uploaded 30 minutes ago. Is it a coincidence?!!?!
I had a dream/vision that I talked to them.
It was very good - I could feel with my fingers and my mind, the forces acting upon me. I'm very pleased with it. I also pressed "the emergency button" during the vision. This is...

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