Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A new theory [typing]

I think I discovered something very, very intelligent today:
Green/blue [Earth: oceans/continents/plant]
are the very center of the color spectrum. And the sun being yellow is also very important.
Earth: Green/blue [with clouds]; The Sun: Yellow. Life on Earth is cellular and is always powered by yellow photons.

Research must be done to determine if "green/blue" are actually in the center of the color spectrum; if the USA color spectrum has been altered, with a political opinion, that green/blue are not the center.
And if there are different industries or alchemy techniques which allow different ideologies to exist - where Green/blue are higher or lower in the color spectrum. For example: forbidden elemental techniques to allow life to exist.

It MEANS that Earth is "the beginning" of the road, and the Universe is very, very big -> Where you go later depends on how you develop on the Earth. Some people become evil, and they go "darker" and some people are good, and they go "light" or [Wh**e]

Also: If it is true that blue/green are truly the center of the color spectrum, or that "life" really enjoys green/blue more than anything, and needs it to live -  then it makes sense that Life was "planned," and the Earth was "chosen," because it is a vibrant blue/green planet.
Maybe some of that is backwards???!! How can somebody engineer all plants to be green? Smart idea.

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