Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A new torment

A christian in a robot alien space-vehicle lookalike came to torture me today.
He said that the "god-of-*****" was inside of you, and I wasn't being good.

They say that -I need to "start reading the Earth" and joining in with society if I want to live and succeed.
They say that "I live in an environment" and "they are trying to remove my sin" but I don't believe them. When I'm talking, my willpower and mental is very low, and I feel the words in my mouth changing so I cannot say anything offensive - they're also very, very dumb, and we cannot get along. I try to kill them with my demon-**** but it has no effect - he's immune.
"I'm a liar - a person made by the God to not ever agree with the church." "Also, a person who follows the secret truth religion: code word: liar"
The very big problem is that we can't agree, and also the god/christian will not acknowledge that I am right, and that I cannot agree with him.

I feel very strongly that I've lost a lot of soul, time, and power because of these attacks, and that my future is very, very dim.

I also feel that "my mind" has been raped, and they're trying to destroy my ability to think strategically and to heal myself and to defend myself against normal people.
One of the issues I was fighting was "my opinion of ordinary humans, and normal men."
I have negative opinions of men, seeing them as people who are unintelligent, mentally insane, and incapable of understanding my genie-like morality.
While this was going on, I had a strong pain in my neck, and I couldn't move my head around. It was very painful.

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