Thursday, September 4, 2014

A weird pain; I'm going to die; Christians are trying to humilate me and destroy me

Something is inside of my mind, trying to "pull something out of me."
I can feel "what he is pulling" very strongly in my mind, and I know that when he pulls it out, I am going to become less intelligent, live less long, and be easier to betrayer.
I felt as if he was "my soul animus" and he was 100% a betrayer.
He is absolutely stupid, can barely speak, and spends all of his mana and all of his power trying to prevent me from speaking. He is completely stupid; I wrote "betrayer" on him.
He is torturing me; I feel real, serious pain when he pulls it out of me, and I strongly feel that he is "enjoying himself," trying to pull my thing out of me and do so worst than I could do. He is absolutely a disgusting form of life.

I feel very strongly that the christians and their God have ruined me, my soul, and my mind. They are absolutely treacherous and the purpose of their religion is to destroy me, to drop me into an eternity of humiliation and torture, and to make me poorer and less sane.
I have felt the wretchedness and hatred of the christians many, many times. I am certain that they are completely treacherous and absolutely evil.

This might have something to do with further torture of my soul. I have a bad relationship with my mother, who I perceive to be unpleasant, treacherous, and poor; somebody who could never escape the common world. What my animus is doing to me is similar to what I did to my mother: I won't speak to her, and I won't acknowledge that she is intelligent, or that the life she has lived is meaningful to me.

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