Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Another Supern* Occurrence [11:59pm Tuesday]

I was in medium:
Amusing retort [fate][time][genie]: 
"Don't forget, it's monkey cheese day."
And then God said to me in my head: [aware of dream][aware of physical reality: me in bed]:
"Don't forget, it's monkey [TUESDAY] cheese day."
And then I looked at my watch:
-It's 11:59PM on TUESDAY - the last minute of tuesday.

And then I imagined it in my head:
The intelligence and mental power of the genie [God] who controls my head, and communicates me.
I saw him with the things he knows about me, and the time it takes for him to read it, move it, and replay it to me; and I knew that he was truly supern*
+1 to intelligence
-5 [If the memories are removed from my head, or are deleted]

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