Friday, September 19, 2014

At the Fair [Sept 2014]

Went to the Fair. It was fun - I noted some smart things: the trees near the convention center were very smart - I don't know how they grew them that way.
I had a fun time on the "inflated sphere water activity [you sit inside of it and go around the pool]." It made me very happy and feel joy - even though I'm TIRED and wasted and felt nausea by going in. I couldn't stand in it. I promised myself that when I get money, and have a house and a swimming pool - I was going to buy at least 3 of them, and feel joy.
I think America and the State of WA have a lot of power over the fair, and it shows their social engineering goal. I used to think a lot about "cows" and "making mana" and "temples" earlier, and I think the fair has a lot to do with this. I heard different sounds, but I don't think I lost anything.
In the head - USA has "NOTHING" to do with the fair, and they've blacked out the truth. In the reality - they are completely in control of it. Something important.
One thing I noticed near the end is this: I'm going to look up the crown and figure out what king and country it belongs to. Also: I'm going to figure out if they're good to me. BORN and CROWN both mean something impor. to me.

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