Saturday, September 27, 2014

Garden of Ed/ve/en

Been thinking about Final Fantasy XIII
Lightning actually scares me a lot; I feel like "her destiny" of strength and divinity is the opposite of mine; someone who will never account for anything.
I think Lightning is very, very pretty, and a strong female/male role model. I both hate and like Lightning, because I don't understand her. In the end, I'd say I "like her." But I'm very offended by her voice, which I perceive to be "American royalty licensing." Somebody famous from an American family is voicing the English lightning, and I was offended by it.
Lighting divinity destiny is 100% REAL. It's so real, millions of people see it and UNDERSTAND IT, even though it has NOTHING to do with the ordinary human lives that humans live.
The secret is TIME. It has to be REAL. Destiny and divinity are REAL.
Something else I noticed the other day: completely unrelated.
"The garden of eve" and "the garden of eden." They're backwards. This is a genius idea! It's also dependent upon ENGLAND and the King of England controlling the English language, and my mind skills understanding it.
The thing I noticed was in a Saturday Night Live promo video on You****. Which turned out to be untrue: was that the snake lady from the video had "legs" coming down from the tree, which meant she discarded a human body and took snake form. I saw it the first time I watched it, but the next time I watched it, it was just "2 vines coming down the tree." And here I thought SNL was actually intelligent, putting hints of true religion inside of their skits. I guess they're just mainstream garbage; not surprising.

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