Friday, September 26, 2014

Got a new cellphone [last one was stolen]

I received a new cellphone about a week ago; I just got around to activating it.
The cell phone came with an expiration date of 2001.
The phone is very slow and has tiny memory - I'm embarrassed, but I'm so dead I don't even...
I put an ad out for Vampires in Seattle - I got 1 encouraging reply, and I emailed him back - but he hasn't replied yet. I'm sad.
I'm 80% convinced, that my human life is going to end, and my true life is going to have hundreds of holes in it, and a statement of eternal death and war by the USA military complex, and I'm going to go on into the land of shame and eternal humiliation.
If only I were a DEM*, and I could retaliate for the offenses committed against me; if only I could quantify the forces upon my mind and make peace with them, and become secure. My life might make sense.

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