Monday, September 29, 2014

Hatred for my life, on my soul [computer]

My computer is SOOOO SLOOOOOW.
Somebody is HACKING Me, Destroying my mind and my computer.
By the way: it's a 6-core intel processor, with a $400 graphics card. I have a hybrid SSD-HD 1TB to speed up my primary disk. I also have 32GB of RAM.
It appears the power of LIES [American corporations, etc] are bigger than the powers of my cpu and computer to resist slow-downs.

I have 2 browsers open, with 50 tabs - and that's it!!!
2 days ago, I had The Sims 3 [resource hog] AND 2 browsers open, and it was barely this slow. I can feel SERIOUS hatred and resentment, from the cyber powers that exist.
I have 2 anti-virus, 1 firewall, and Tune-Up utilities! There is zero reason for my computer to be this slow!!!

I cannot think of a solution.
A new problem: somebody messed with my computer so that alt-left doesn't work anymore, to go back one page; since PM Firefox doesn't have back/forward buttons. I'm very angry. I feel like my soul is being violated.
ITEMS from "The Sims 3" keep going missing. I'm very angry. If an EA programmer, or a corporation touches my computer and my Sims 3 inventory even once, I'll be very angry.
I find it more likely that "the program" is randomly deleting things, for it's own purpose; to make me MAD.

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