Saturday, September 27, 2014

I stumbled on a major idea

The most important idea today, to think over:
How many men have ever poured a beer on their hand!?!?!?!?
The hand is a MAJOR symbol of human divinity, and of magickal power.
I have enchanted my hand, because I am strong, gifted, dominant, and power-seeking.

But how many men, the opposite of me, have poured beer on their hands?! As a symbol of "putting the mind on the hand, the power on the hand." As an opposite of "a magick enchanting his hand."
It actually breaks my mind, understanding this truth.

This reminds me of my core truth: the GOD/maggot is so horrible, powerful, and EVILL, that truth and reason and sense and religion actually mean nothing; God is actually a literal oathbreaker; your souls are not real, and you cannot ever disobey him. He is so terrible and disgusting, that your pride and soul will break completely in the face of his egotism, gloating, and absolute wealth. I once thought that "the God was the very first criminal mastermind" and I am reminded this may be true.

God is the lunatic, crazy person of relativism, who takes 5,000 pictures of you during your life, and decides by his choice where they are: and my friend had 4,000 pictures of him on the toilet, or bad hair day; and 1,000 pictures of him in jail. That was his life, according to the god and honor of all christians.
During this rant, I had some contradictory thoughts:
-God's power is actually the power of ALL DEAD PEOPLE, and they don't care about anything living.
-God is actually "a GIANT PEASANT" anti-royalty, anti-soul, and anti-MENSA individual. [this theory is very horrible, and probably came from a CIA mind-controller]

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