Thursday, September 4, 2014

It's good to be crazy

So I was thinking about new things today:
-How massive the human experience is: peasant people behave almost exactly equal to me, even though they're different
-My soul "HAS TO BE" shared with other people; it wouldn't make any sense otherwise.
-GOD [bad] is far, far, far bigger than you can know; he's the one who enforces his tyranny on us and our minds.
-My mind is so terrible; it changes all the time, and I can never believe "1 thing" and maintain a perfect mindset. I feel as if "my mind is drastic and unproductive."
-Perfect mind homeostasis is extremely important, and very, very, very hard to achieve.
-I think "The Origin of Symmetry" is extremely valuable.
-The human experience is so strange and illogical that "going crazy" might be the only way to raise intelligence and be free.

One thing I'm very interested in is male-male relations; "Gabr" says that men don't get love; it's forbidden. It's a part of the world. Men who are ashamed, or who think they're 100% smart when they're not actually, cannot love one another; also, men who are less than intelligent cannot fix it; they cannot acknowledge their guilt, and take meaningful steps to fix it.

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