Thursday, September 4, 2014


The snake has stopped for a little bit.
I feel very strongly like "I'm going to pop" and even more strongly like "I'm very, very poor, and whoever controls my mind will not reveal my power or my strength." I don't at all feel that somebody has my back - except for "TIME" who is my friend and protector.
I found this picture on the int that relates to Jaime. It actually has her name on the bottom left. This is a little bit how I imagine her, exact way more generous and less sultry.
Some people think that "Jaime" is a trap, and many many men fall into the trap.

Also, regarding my snake and the person who is attacking me - they say it has something to do with Truth; my truth endangers some people, who rely upon secrecy and ignorance to live. They say: "You will reveal my crimes to people, and I will go out of business."

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