Saturday, September 27, 2014

Macklemore fat lady

The fat lady from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: Thrift Shop
"That's how big she was when she found out she was dead"
I think this applies to me; I've gained some weight, but it just seems like "my mind, and my rhythems don't work."
Also, I truly thought the 21st century, and the tech advancement, were part of me; dying and coming back differently would disrupt my investment plans. You know?
A lot of weird things in pop culture seem relative to me. Jounen is shaping them around my head so they seem relevant to me, even when it doesn't make sense.
There is 1 thing that I'm absolutely certain of; America is an absolute evil of dogma, christian carpe diem, and extreme egotistical power: for certain people. And there are MAJOR royalty in America, and they have never once care about my soul. I am excluded from life and progress and royalty and a time-education.
Also: the American royalty are filled with peasant people, and peasant progress; America WILL sell your entire soul and all of your gems to peasant people, who please them more often than my life.

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