Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My ideas [5 good ideas today]

The truth is:
"There is a Giant hole in the sky, for men like me to go to heaven / yellow."
"You just have to be a fire."
"The men of heaven like the US government." "Look for up-and-coming American "flame types" and copy them, and maybe you will find the secret of heaven and go up."
"Also, find "truth/heaven" publications and use them to increase your target lock on, such as "The NYT" and "Bloomberg" and other things like that."
If you use both of these methods, you should be able to find at least 5 American role models who definitely "go up."
"All our people, the "soul-people" who are monitored by the heaven"
are "anti-power," and it's very, very normal for us to be "tainted and annoying."
I don't like him, but maybe "50 c" is a good person to be anti-power. He might even be "a God."

But in the age of snapshots and perfect video tapes: everything that is born of heaven, such as "50 c being a God" has to be "dead dead dead." so that they never get caught "grinning the wrong way" or "saying the wrong thing." "This is extremely important."
The universe is "going up." "the direction of the life is 'going up'
The people in the past, in the less technological time, were less important and there were far fewer people of my class in the past, than there are now.
Saya no Uta [Nitrosoft] was really good to me; I'm trying to find it again so I can download the CG-set. I think it might be real.

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