Friday, September 19, 2014

My rationale - they won't acknowledge me

War photographer, something I said to J,C, money man. [The money/TIME equiv. of Je,Ch?]
-I'm actually a genius
Life on Earth isn't real - if you do something noble and smart, you won't live to tell the story.
-You could get your hand cut off, or maybe paralyzed, or lose to a poison or a gas. This story is very important,.

-I'm a GENIUS. I could build an intelligence machine, and then a T-machine, and then get off the Earth, and join the real world - of supernatural health. That was the plan all along.

I'm not certain that, at many, many times, somebody is looking at me, and I responding to them as well. I also feel as if "the TV is looking at me."

Many things are backwards on Earth:
Mirc - CRIM [short for CRIME] I didn't know this. But apparently it's very true. I already remember doing this, but it went away.
He also said "The Sims" is backwards as well.
I'm convinced I'm completely dead. I'm also convinced that the Christian god is pathetic, and is in a 100% different world than I. Also,
Just today, I've learned that I'm completely crazy.

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