Sunday, September 28, 2014

My sacred truth.

$3.50 on my food account
$22 on my bank account
xxx.xx on my savings.
3 days left until $530 rent.
Nobody in the world will help me. Not even my mind, my back, or my soul can provide for me.

The honor of the God christian, and all proud men, and all holyness, is being betrayed and oathbroaken, so that I can be a homeless man. So that capitalism, and peasant people, can gloat and beat and torture me.

Oh holy angel of truth, oh holy miracles, oh holy 900Billion dollar HOPE.
I swear to you today that the God christian is an absolute abomination, and the sorcerer of anti-memory.
The God of Christian is a rapist, an oathbreaker, and a mortal sin. It is his only purpose, to support POWER and Egotism and evil, and to destroy the minds and memories of all men who disagree, and who discover his name.
I am 100% serious, on the sanctity of my entire life.

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