Thursday, September 25, 2014


Jo-[GOD] told me that "There's all the WATER you've ever wanted at [that pool you went to many years ago]" in K***.
I looked online and found out that it was closed now.
So that means - the hints they're giving me, "the place to go" is actually a place that exists only in my memories -  because they shut it down. This is very important to me.
-"The Angel-God [christian] gave you hatred, and predicted your path through life - rebellion and hatred and irony and sin"
-"You removed your hatred, and you gained intelligence, and genie-like intelligence, and fire, but you never became a rebel, or an angry criminal, or a BAD MAN, or a fa**ot"
-"So now you're tormented by spirits of hatred, who exacerbate your symptoms of poverty, and draw strict lines between yourself and rich people, and make you feel very unpopular and humiliated."

There have been other things similar to this as well: at least 3 other events like this
-Your "heart" love was too radical - it loved girls until it exploded, and it made you do irrational, embarrassing things. But after a scandal, it went away and never returned. I'm still working on finding it and bringing it back.

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