Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Re: roommate / to Landlord

I have an 89% chance of getting kicked out of my home, or my sit getting worse, and I didn't even open up a Craigs**** or another housing search. My head is really stupid.
I feel also as if "the sit will get worse" and "I'll be kicked out before my 4 weeks notice are due."
Dear landlord:
The voices and sounds I make don't mean anything. I don't have any weapons, nor have I ever met anyone who I speak about. Something you should know is that I don't often remember what I shout; it's not too important to me.

I've been to the local churches nearby many times and they can't impress me, or convince me of their religion. I'm actually very, very smart and not very stupid.

Regardless of your threat, I cannot stop shouting or speaking any time soon; it's just not possible.

I've been to treatment 3 times in the past few years, and they cannot help me; they won't even recognize the truth of my mental illness.
The most important point is: the voices and shouting won't stop, even if you reason with me, even if you harass me. Also, the police don't mean anything to me, because I'm already involved with the mental health industry.
I don't have the power to stop the shouting with my willpower.

I have very strong opinions about people like you - ordinary humans and normal Americans, and very negative opinions of truck drivers. My intelligence is too high to be reasoned with.
If you don't give me time to move out, there will be consequences by my guardian.

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