Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sims 3 plumbot malfunction [somebody is hacking me]

I tried making a sentient compassionate/supporting plumbot named Animay [anime]; I had been planning to do so for some time. When I finally got up to lvl 10, and made a sentience chip [it took weeks to find the uber nanite], I made the plumbot, and carefully designed all the colors.
-But somebody is haxing me, and I cannot give the bot a tune-up, adjust it's trait chips, or target it. I've made the plumbot and sold it twice, and neither could be targeted. It's horrendous.
I feel that the blue/yellow/pink ANIMAY is special to some people, and they are especially serious about not letting me interact with.
Also, another screen of something weird I saw on the internet yest. A "Queen's Blade" game that shows the "Bleach" logo. Very weird. I did click on the link, and it took me nowhere.

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