Friday, September 26, 2014

Smart idea [difficult to express]

Look at a celebrities eyes: for example, Liam Neeson [who is actually a little bit ugly].
And use a 2d-dot matrix to evaluate exactly what it looks like
and determine if "we can actually identify celebrities by eye types."
OR - ---- if actually, it's a MIND POWER [prothean] which violates us, and is assigned to celebrities.
There is an image in space of a celebrity, and I see the eyes, and match it up.

This opens up the mind to all sorts of new possibilities. I THINK - it's completely true that hollywood is absolutely corrupt and terrifying; and I resent it.
"This makes you a country-level intelligence" "It's so scary you could die 100%"
I got this idea from seeing Liam N on SNL promo with "B. O."
Another idea I had today:
Colors are actually owned by "light powers," planets in the universe. My favorite color blue: bold, bursting, colorful blue; is actually a planet in the heavens, and is being forced upon me. Our heads are almost zero percent free.
Another idea today:
everything is genes. "You discovered that there is major light outside of the Earth, and the angels are supernatural warriors and are immortal." "But do you have the genes to interact with these people? Does it make you live weller?"
Obviously, I have almost nothing at all; and I think my fate is best to die absolutely, 10 times over.
But I do know, that I have an appointment with the C**, in an international-cooperation "pleasure room," to see how many times I removed American copyrights from my brain, and betrayed the American founding fathers and royalty. Pleasure center means something that would please thousands of people who hate me.

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