Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Some bad dreams

I'm further convinced that "the chri." controls my soul absolutely, and he is intolerant and greedy, and very stupid.
I've come up with a new idea:
"The yellow - the deep space; have no money, but all the money is on Earth. But America doesn't have good money; it's green."
"So I'm going to look all around the world for money types that impress my magickal religion and attempt to find some more help."
Also, I had a dream that I was arguing with christians [in time/heaven] again. I had to kill everyone - we just couldn't agree on anything. I feel my intel has just gone up too well.
The bee - it looks like it's black and yellow striped. I feel as if it's because "it was tortured over and over and over and over again, until it's soul was striped that way." I feel like it's happening to me as well.
Today again, there was torture done to me, and I could not stop it. It was both humiliating and hateful and painful, and I am convinced I am "a criminal in America" and I have very low rights.

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