Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Some smart genius

I wonder if the truth of the world is:
Humans are VERY, VERY anti-intelligent.

What would happen if "the statistics people" [me]
looked at everyone, and "told them the true" about how much money they would make, how far they would go, what their worth is?
There's so much confusion; I feel as if there is a MASSIVE ENGINE which controls my mind: and never allows me to be free and just "learn the truth."
I feel very strongly that "other people" and "humans" "aren't even real" and "are concealing something very important."
I had a dream of "a president" wondering "if he was good enough" even at the end of his life; and he didn't know you could just "assign numbers and traits to your attributes, your DNA, your family, your blood" and compare yourself to other men.
I feel very strongly that peasant people, and non-magick people, are extremely immoral.
I feel as if "the authority figures I've met are actually lunatic and anti-immoral," and "they have almost no intelligence whatsoever as to what they are inside."
"Men who are not self-aware, [genie] cannot be moral people."

Also: "The god is far bigger than you know."
I feel as if "the entire 

Of course: I'm kind of a genius. But a lot of the things I've done in my head, haven't been written down. It's obvious that there are objects in my "soul" that prevent me from discovering major secrets.
"Love" may be the secret.
Also, today I realized that "I have a guide" and "I don't at all know her name." I'll have to discover it very well today. I feel, tragically, that it may be a person in "USA" or "Holly****."

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