Friday, September 19, 2014

Something funny

With a strong mind, and something strong to guide me, we will find truth and sanity. But there are millions of people who can destroy me, and lead me to lunacy. Especially Christian.
A semi-truck is an opposite of the truth: the USA has convinced millions+ that "semi-truck," which means half-truck or smaller-than-truck, means something which is much, much larger than a truck.
It's an assault on the brain. It's also very, very powerful. Even truck drivers say it.
Of course, "truck drivers" are very stupid; it's like "the deadest profession in America." Maybe this means "the God" was involved.
I'm sure there are hundreds of these in American English.
-On the opposite, is "the King of England" and the creator of the English language: who created a language where "rhyming" can lead to religious understanding. I've done it myself.

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